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Hail! magazine Vol.1 Issue1.


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Jun 30, 2009
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Raleigh, NC
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I just thought I'd let it be known that I received a pleasant surprise in my email-the premiere issue of Hail magazine. I took one look and just started shaking my head.

Considering the names I've come to know and admire adorning the masthead I knew it was going to be special...but it was going through the thing that just floored me. This is a slick, professional, well-put-together piece of literate Redskin eye-candy that surpassed even my high expectations.

In a word...Wow! My friends, you have blown me away with this one-I am truly impressed and delighted with the layout, appearance, writing quality, photography and the uber-cool navigation tools this magazine has. If I had special ordered a Redskins magazine for my very own, I couldn't have come up with anything this good.

Well done, very well done indeed! :claps:

BTW, if anyone here hasn't subscribed to it yet-you are missing out on a treat no Skins fan should be without. Seriously.
Thanks serv - truth is, humility aside, we can't take much credit. Brian Murphy and Eric Espada are the real wunderkinds here - they've really put together something special. I really don't think there's anything else out there like it in terms of free, team-specific fan content. I was blown away right away with you opening up that first issue and seeing just how sleek and appealing it is right out of the gate.

I'm proud to be the contributing voice of 'the fan' for as long as they'll have me. I know Mark feels the same way.

If you haven't signed up yet, do it. You are going to be dazzled by the quality of this.
Well, you know what I've been doing this evening - enjoying that first issue. It's easy to turn the pages and use the zoom feature. The photos look great and the content is top notch. Kudos for a job well done.

Can you imagine what it will look like once the season begins and beyond? I'm sure the offseason productions will be equally as good with features on free agency, the draft, OTAs, camps, etc.

Count me as a happy reader. The last page was a nice touch of class as well. :)
Caught that, did you :) We're sly little bastards, aren't we?
Oh man, you guys have outdone yourselves! Fantastic!
Was out to dinner and a movie (Vampires Suck, in a word, sucks) with my daughter tonight when this came out, so just getting a chance to dive in now.

Damn. :)
OF: Hail! Magazine Arrives

Let me just say I love the last page as well, nicely done!

As a whole, this is gorgeous, exceptional work. I too got it yesterday in my email but did not have time until now to read through it. The articles are just as well written and intelligent as I have come to expect and the photography is exceptional.

Nicely done, gentlemen!
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Really good stuff! Thanks to all involved, please keep it up!
Outstanding. This sets the bar for every other fanbase. It's not even close.
Haven't had a chance to do more than skim, but it looks fantastic!
No, it's kind of an interesting hybrid. The photo galleries and some featured articles are also available here...


Brave new world. :)

Cool, Mark-now all we need is you, John, Brian, Eric and the rest of the gang on telepresence and we're all set.
Gentlemen, you don't know how good you've got it.

I would kill - well, OK, maybe seriously maim - to have a Packers magazine of that quality emailed to me for free every week. That is really great stuff.
There's only one answer APB.

Conversion :)

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