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Groovy Melancholy Nostalgic Weirdness


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My SIL Sonya casually posted this on Facebook and I thought it was pretty cool. Go to the link provided below (you may need to install Google Chrome to use it appropriately, but it’s a great browser anyway and free). Set aside your preferences for music (although I love the band Arcade Fire) and the oddities what you’ll see. Enter in your childhood address. Watch what happens.

Technology is really something.

I confess I wrote a postcard to myself. I’m weird like that. I would’ve written more, but it seems to be time-limited.

I only got to

Remember where you came from.
The loving parents who set you free.
To wander the woods
Traipse the meadows,
Build the tree forts,
Battle enemies with dirt clods,
And make blood brothers.

I guess I could have just said 'enjoy your hair, you will miss it when it’s gone’.

Yeah. My childhood home has been replaced with a 'McMansion' and the woods I spent 1/2 my childhood in are now paved and crammed full of townhouses. That's the legacy of Northern Virginia :) I am highly sentimental about the place I grew up in. It's almost a magical feeling as sappy as that sounds. If those woods were still there, I'd have to drive up there once a decade and play in them.
wow..I got a little choked up. my house looks the same almost down to the crappy gravel driveway.

Btw Mike - the fact that you got a little choked up...well that just tells me why I've always liked you a lot my friend.
Just saw this on facebook...technology really is cool!

All of the houses I grew up in are still standing...lucky I guess?
yea...I remember the neighborhood woods where I first experienced arrow into the quiver "collaboration". fortunately, (mixing metaphors) that was not fertile ground plowed in those innocent...if slightly ignorant/unprotected....daze......

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