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Griffin NFC Offensive Player of the Week


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November 21, 2012




LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The National Football League announced today that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has been named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for Week 11. He is the first rookie quarterback to win two Player of the Week awards in a season since the league began awarding them in 1984.


Griffin III also became the first Redskins rookie at any position to win two Player of the Week awards in a season. His first Player of the Week honor came following his performance during the Redskins’ Week 1 victory against the New Orleans Saints.


In the Redskins’ 31-6 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 11, Griffin III completed 14-of-15 passes (93.3 percent) for 200 yards with four touchdowns, finishing the game with a perfect 158.3 passer rating. He also contributed 84 rushing yards on 12 carries, becoming the first rookie in NFL history to pass for 200 yards, pass for four touchdowns and rush for more than 75 yards in a single game. Griffin III’s 93.3 completion percentage was the highest by a quarterback with at least four touchdown passes since Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Young on Oct. 16, 1994.


Griffin III now has 2,193 passing yards and 613 rushing yards this season, making him only the third rookie in NFL history to surpass both 2,000 passing yards and 500 rushing yards in a season.


The last Redskin to win Offensive Player of the Week twice in one season was Santana Moss in 2005, following Weeks 2 and 16. The last Redskins quarterback to win Offensive Player of the Week twice in one season was Brad Johnson in 1999,following during Weeks 2 and 4

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No matter what happens the rest of the way, he has MY vote for ROY. Biased? You betcha! :D
just remember, all the talking heads are convinced the league has figured him out.

he'll continue to break records and earn awards, and he'll continue to put the team on his back - both mentally and physically - and carry them.

but the league has him 'figured out'.

bunch of idiots if you ask me.
Griffin with the Redskins in 2012 reminds me of Ovechkin with the Capitals in 2005. Man among boys talent.

Let's just hope this front office surrounds Griffin with the right supporting cast to enable that talent to shine through on the sports largest stage, the Super Bowl.
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I don't know how a team can figure him out. He's so versatile and a quick study. If someone told me such a player existed I would have laughed. The only way to "figure him out" is to pray the wrs drop a bunch of balls or he goes out with an injury imho.
Funny how Griffin performs with a limited supporting cast and puts up 4 tds while Kaepernick is the golden boy at ESPN after Monday Night.

It must be leftover animosity for the Redskins organization.

If Griffin were in Dallas his bust would already be on its way to Canton hand-carried by Chris Berman.
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In fairness BD, part of that is who their respective competition was this last weekend. Keapernick did that to the Bears.
Kapernick has a genuine NFL oline, a defence that gets him the ball back and playmakers at every offensive position.

The only way Rg3 doesnt win rookie of the year is if Indy wins a playoff game. Luck has been pretty superlative as well and voters look at that.

Rg3 is a damn beast, the difference between him and other "athletic" qbs is simple, he is a QB who has ridiculous athleticism, not an athlete who plays QB. he throws the ball away when there is nothing there and takes the run when there is actually something to be taken. He has demonstarted that he is a QB period, and that bodes well for his development. he will only get better.
This kid is legit thus far. He's young, but, as Jugband puts it, you never find yourself justifying his actions with "well he's a rookie, it's going to happen" or looking at a situation and saying "WTF?" He's ahead of the curve... Even Luck has throws and moments where you look at it and say "well that was a rookie throw"
Its simple for Ds to figure out RG3:

-Cover all the WRs perfectly - don't let them get even an inch open, or his uber-accurate arm will find them!
-Don't fall for the play fake, ever again.
-Pass rush perfectly in their lanes, so as to clog the running lanes as well, don't let any holes open up on the DLine, EVER!
-Do speed work in the offseason, so that all defenders run a sub 4.4 40, and catch him when he breaks out and runs.

i dont care bout this award ...i just want him to have 5 touchdowns tomorrow ! i'll be really thankfull !
you think that Vernon Davis, Randy Moss, Mario Manningham, Michael Crabtree, and Frank Gore compare with our offense?

I love your homerness!

I didn't say his teammates don't help, Mike. However, he didn't turn the ball over against the Bears. None of those other guys where throwing against Charles Tillman and no one is going to mistake the Eagles defense for the Bears.

That was my point. Colin has plenty of help too, no question. Although I would rather than Morris than Gore and a healthy Garçon over Moss or Manningham or Crabtree. Heck, I might take Sleepy over Davis. However, I recognize that right now Griff does not have those last two things.
TR1, I just have a really good feeling about this game for Griff. Not saying we blow 'em out or even win, but just a feeling Griff does very well against his home crowd growing up.
Thanksgiving day will be the first time most of the US sees RGIII.

I hope he has a great day!

You need to catch an online feed. I haven't missed a game in two seasons now.
The point I was making is that today is RGIII's debut to the nation.

Yep! And hopefully he puts on a performance that makes every think they're hallucinating from overeating! :)
Can he get it back to back weeks?

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