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Griffin III is the proclaimed starter

Just saw the video/audio on Fox 5's news at 6 where shannahan said it.

Good. The overall vibe i get from the redskins is 'OK, shows over. He's our QB, now go away so we can work. Come back in September'

Which is exactly what I was hoping would happen.
While I'm happy to hear it officially, it's no real shocker to me. What I liked most was this from Shanny...

“You can see what an incredible athlete he is,” Shanahan said. “I was impressed because the first day we didn’t have one bust with a formation or a play call, and I don’t think I ever had that in any minicamp that I’ve been involved with.”

He's been involved with a hell of a lot of mini camps over they years, so to me, this speaks volumes.

As the old adage goes, ya get what you pay for....
What I liked most was this from Shanny...

My favorite Shan quote was

“We’re going to adjust our system to what he feels comfortable with,” Shanahan said, “and we’ll watch him grow and we’ll do what we feel like he can do and what he does the best.

What a brilliant concept.....adjust the system to fit a talented player's skills, rather than the other way around. Skins fans have literally waited decades for a coaching philosophy like that.

Hear that quote, McNabb ??
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“One thing that the NFL is not used to is a quarterback with his type of speed and his type of throwing ability,” Shanahan said, twinkle in his eye. “I think we can do some things that people haven’t done.”

The normally-stern Shanahan was practically bubbly after spending three days with his new quarterback.

Shanahan gushed about Griffin’s combination of elite speed and arm strength. Griffin already is ahead of the schedule at which he should learn the playbook, Shanahan said. He envisions a game-changing player who will challenge defenses in unprecedented ways.
I found the other QB news to be equally as interesting. That RG3 will be taking 80% of the first team snaps, and that Crompton will take the other 20%.

Rex and Cousins will be taking snaps on an entirely different field, with the second team.

Could Rex possibly be gone? Would Shanny really go into the season with three young QBs?

Or is there some other reason why Shanny would have Crompton taking first team snaps?

Certainly he can't release Cousins.
There's no way we release Grossman, and end up with 3 first-year QB's, and none else.

I would interpret that as, Grossman is so entrenched in knowing the system, that he can afford not to get as many snaps, whereas the other guys really need the snaps.
There's no way we release Grossman, and end up with 3 first-year QB's, and none else.

I would interpret that as, Grossman is so entrenched in knowing the system, that he can afford not to get as many snaps, whereas the other guys really need the snaps.

But what if Crompton looks great though? Or is he just already done? And if he has no chance of making the roster, then why even waste the first team reps on him?
I agree Spear. And as stupid as it might be, I don't see how Crompton can make the team.

Shanny has kind of painted himself into a corner with the QBs:

RG3--the starter and future.

Cousins--he can't possibly cut him. That would go down as one of the stupidest draft picks of the last 20 years. Cousins would have to be awful not to make the squad.

That leaves Rex and Crompton. And I can't see three QBs with no game experience.

I suppose to quiet any competition nonsense, he is probably reluctant to give Cousins first team snaps, and so Crompton has to take them by default. It does seem like a bit of a waste though.

Reason number ten why so many people hated the Cousins pick.
Unless he has some other motive for giving Crompton those snaps? I'm not sure what he's thinking.
Yea, as I said in another thread, the only way that Crompton makes the active roster, is an injury to RG3 or Cousins. So even if Grossman gets hurt, I don't see Crompton as making it, because I still believe they'd sign a veteran backup to replace Rex, for the same reasons I stated in my previous post.

But I'm a little curious about your concern about us having both Cousins and Crompton in the mix. It seems as if you believe Crompton is extremely talented, and we'll be forced to dump a valuable QB, because of Cousins. But what has Crompton done, to give you such confidence in him ?

As for Crompton getting snaps, maybe it's because he ends up as being the scout QB for us this season, and goes back on PS. You do realize, that he IS eligible to go back to PS, do ya ?
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I think Crompton looked good. And he does have a year up on Cousins with the offense and playbook.

I don't see how he can make it though. Which is why the first team reps, instead of giving those reps to a QB that will make the team strikes me as odd. And a bit of a waste.

I'm not sure about our ability to put him on the PS. I believe you are right, but I don't know for sure.

It just jumped out at me as being interesting. I would have thought that Rex or Cousins would be getting that time with the first team.
Crompton is definitely eligible for the PS......again.
He meets 2, and probably 3 of the following criteria, and he only needs to meet one of them, to be eligible :

In order to be eligible for the practice squad, players must meet one of the following requirements:

* Have no prior Accrued Seasons in the NFL (An accrued season is six or more games on the active roster);
* Have one prior Accrued Season in which the player was on the 45-man active roster for no more than 8 games;
* If served two seasons on a practice squad, are eligible for a third season only if the team has at least 53 players on its active/inactive list for the duration of that player's employment.
Well, of course it's a given he would be the starter very soon, but there are quite a few people who believed that RG may not be ready by game 1

Really?? What the hell were those people thinking? RG3 was the starter the day we traded up for him. Who else are they gonna start? Grossman lol?
He is definitely eligible by that criteria. So I assume that is where he will end up, unless they believe he's expendable.

I still think it's interesting that he's taking first team snaps instead of someone else.
I wouldn't be as quick to dismiss the possibility of an opening day roster of Griffin, Crompton, & Cousins.

Maybe they feel Crompton's athletic advantage over Grossman trumps his lack of game experience. And, in tweaking the offense to Griffin's capabilities, if he were to get hurt, they'd have to alter the game plan more for the immobile Grossman, than they would Crompton. Who, sight unseen, HAS to be more mobile than Sexy.

With a year in the system, Crompton might be ready for the back up role. It makes sense that they look to be giving him a shot at it, by giving him reps with the 1st team. If he can show some efficiency in preseason, he may well be #2. Making Sexy available as trade bait to team hurt by injury during the preseason.

Besides, does anybody in the world not already know what we have in Grossman? If Crompton is another Beck, Grossman could be #2 without many reps. The man is as good as he'll ever be.

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