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Grade the Game

Grade the Redskins Overall Performance Against the Steelers

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How do you rate the Redskins overall performance against the Steelers in the pre-season opener?
B+ here as well.

I was pleasantly surprised at how clean a game we played, given the limited practice time. I was very impressed with the lines on both sides, our RBs, Rex, and our LBs. I thought Keyaron Fox played very well when he got his chances.

I agree with Mike, the corners got burned a few times on balls that were overthrown. But the Steelers' CBs got taken advantage of quite a few times too. I think both teams were leaving their guys on an island, just to see how they would handle it.

All in all, I was surprised at how good we looked this early. I'm trying to temper my enthusiam, just because I know better than to get too excited right now. But if our starters play just as well against Indy's, it'll be even harder to do that.
I also went with a B+ for several reasons.

First, with all the uncertainty, the lockout effect on lack of TCs, all the newbies, we were playing the damn Steelers after all, I had myself steeled against us looking really bad and stinking up the field. I wasn't necessarily expecting that but was prepared for it just in case. We didn't. I was actually surprised at how basically competent we looked especially under the circumstances. The smoothness and basic execution were both eye-opening and nice to see and, honestly a bit surprising.

Second, looking at it in terms of what could be learned about the team from the first preseason game the smoothness made it easier to spot weaknesses just from the contrast-like in the secondary. And Hankerson's huge sieves he calls hands.

Third, I learned a bit more about Shanahan. His system is indeed complex and has a lengthy learning curve. Too much for one season apparently. The team seems to be assimilating it better, plus-and this is a big plus-he seems to have gone after players that can play in that system and be successful. I saw, at least so far, noticeable improvements on both the OL and DL and better coordination on pressuring the QB on defense.

And his ability to spot and use RBs seems as sharp as ever. Hightower and Royster seem to be definite keepers.

Fourth, I'm now really interested to see what Beck can do. Grossman's performance, while not "electrifying" or "eye-popping" was steady and competent. How long that lasts is, of course, a matter to be seen as things unfold, but he set the bar for basic QB competence at a high level for Beck to match.
I gave it an"A".

No injuries.

On offense, good tempo, crisp execution, no turnovers.

No injuries.

On defense, a couple blown coverages, but that happens. Good tackling. Lots of bodies flyin' to the ball.

No injuries.

Few penalties. No glaring "WTF is he doing" moments. For a first preseason game, with little camp work, and no offseason stuff, I thought the game was played well, by both teams.

No injuries.

I don't have them in the Super Bowl, yet, but I think they did better than most people thought they could.

Finally, there were no injuries.:)
Nice post Ax :)
That too my friend. One can never be 'too close' to one's fellow Skins fans.
Heard a snippet from Colin Cowherd on the radio this afternoon. It was word association with all the teams. They got to the Skins and he said, "Andrew Luck sweepstakes."

I took his comment as my own word association opportunity, and the first thing that popped into my head was "bull****." Followed by "**** you." :)
B+ for discipline and execution.

next few games things to watch

- on rewatch of last night's game I think the middle of the d-line is shaky against the run

- deep/deeper passing game

- CBs could be a weakness...not bad...just not a core strength. won't know until OJ and Landry have been in there for a few games
I scored it with a "B".

Mike Tomlin said his team was not prepared. I agree with a vast majority of the previous statements, but give it a slightly lower grade based on what Tomlin said. I wish the Steelers could've been better prepared for this game and then we could get a true gauge of where the Redskins currently rank among the elite of the league.

I'm not saying that we are in the elites, but it would be nice to know how we stack up against them at this juncture. We'll probably get a better idea as the preseason continues to unfold. On to game two.
I went with an A-

A few simple reasons I didn't go with an A. The blown coverages, and long runs allowed on D, and lack of results in the red zone for the O.

Thoroughly pleased with what I saw last night for a team with so many new faces. Controlled and confident for the most part, and that's a dam good way to begin.

Above average for many of the reasons posted, however, the stall of drives in the redzone clipped the grade some, and the poor tackling on the pitt td clipped it more. Too reminiscent of recent teams past.
Somewhere between an A- and a B+ if that's possible. To me the misses by Graham are irrelevant as he probably just cut himself. The offense moved the ball very well but seemed to have trouble getting in the end zone. The first team stayed in longer than Pittsburgh's so it's hard to tell if that skewed the results. There were a couple of long passes by Pittsburgh where the receiver was open but they just didn't connect. Slightly worrisome because decent QBs once they lose the rust from the long offseason without OTAs etc won't miss those. Otherwise good, it was nice to see Bowen and Cofield make some plays, and Fletcher was a beast in his short time out there, as was Santana. There looks to be some good competition in both the running backs and WRs. It'll be interesting to see who separates themselves in the upcoming preseason games. Although if Hankerson continues with the dropsies, Kelly doing nothing will look good by comparison.
Over on ES, I started a thread called "Nearly" and I think that's the best way to feel about our team write now.

That game showed a team that was nearly there. It stalled at the endzone or the redzone a little too much. It missed gim-me field goals, but it was efficient, disciplined, delivered pressure, executed, and performed well about one of the best teams in the NFL that always plays well in the preseason.

Look at the Steelers' performances in past preseasons and look at their coach's comments to find out how we really did. We dominated them from our starters to our camp fodder. Could we have some depth this year? Now, that may not mean anything in December, but it means a lot as far as this team being able to come together now.

So, for this game... I grade them an A-. After all, could you really have hoped for a better start?
I am going to go B-. I thought about C, but changed my mind.

I think we are overly excited about winning our first game against the Steelers, mainly because we looked better than we expected. I think the Steelers missed on some opportunities in the passing game as well as having a chance to pick off Grossman in the Red Zone.

It is hard to give a team that goes 1/5 in the Red Zone a high grade. But, hey at least we made it down there. We are going in the right direction. Our guys definitley looked more pumped than the Steelers. I was really dissappointed in the whole defensive squad on the Steelers TD run.

A few notes:

1. I thought Trent Williams pass blocking looked fantastic. His run blocking, not so much. I don't know if anyone noticed, but there were a few plays where he looked lost. Not hitting anybody, one time he got shoved to the side by Foote who went on to tackle Hightower, and another time him and Davis were blocking the same guy and a LB ran to the right of Trent and tackled Hightower. I could be wrong, but it looked like Davis had the guy under control and Trent should have been on that LB. A couple of Hightower runs would have went further if TW would have made some contact.

2. This is simple - I was way more impressed with Hightower than I expected. Big props to him for hanging on to the ball.

3. I have been saying Banks shouldn't make the team. If he plays like he did the other night, then that is just foolish talk. If this guy can give us that kind of field position, then he is a keeper. We know Aldrick is not going to do it.

4. I wrote this in another thread, but I will repeat it here. Kerrigan overran some plays. A couple of the Steelers longer runs could have been stopped if Kerrigan was in the correct place. He made some nice plays as well. It should be fun watching his progress.

5. Dissappointed in the secondary. I realized we were missing our two safeties, but Hall and I believe it was Wilson got lucky by not having huge plays against them. Three more games to get this group together.

6. So far, happy with the D-line. It was not perfect, nor do I expect it to be this early, but they were looking fairly sharp.

7. I don't use this word a lot, but London Fletcher is a beast. Nothing new here, he just deserves all the recognition we can give him.
I agree with the B-. Our squad did a lot of good things right Friday night. They also did a few things wrong.

Grossman, Hightower, Moss and Gaffney played great. Grossman did have one play that should have been picked off but overall he played better than I thought he would. Hightower played like an every down back. Tough running, great picking up of the blitz and catching the ball out of the backfield. Moss and Gaffney helped Grossman have a great night.

D-line was a little inconsistent but overall played well too. Good penetration against the run and the pass. The rookies Kerrigan and Jenkins looked good at times and not so good but hey that is totally understandable.

The bad was the secondary. They got lucky on two overthrows. I can chalk some of that up to the two starting safeties being out. But that could have been a very different game.

The most important thing to remember is that Grossman and company were playing against a lot of 2nd stringers and so was Fletcher and co. The big time starters came out after the 1st series.
I went with B+. Came up with this grade since they played better than I expected.

There was some hiccups and lowlights, but overall an above average performance. Many will say our starters played longer than the Steelers, but they were the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. Regardless if 1st or 2nd teamers, we outplayed them.

Many are comparing this to Osaka, which is easy to do when look at the numbers. The biggest difference in Spurrier and Osaka to the game Friday night is Shanahan. Spurrier didn't have a clue and was chucking the ball everywhere. Shanahan worked on the running game and only threw couple balls deep.

Not ready to say we will win the NFC East or be in playoffs, but a good outing for first preseason game. The game against Baltimore will give us a better idea of where we really are as a team.

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