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Gonna feel so good when it stops hurting

That makes me feel a little better but then I come back down to earth and see our O-Line and our QB and start :cry: all over again.
That Team that day would wipe the field against this seasons Greenbay Packers imho
That Team that day would wipe the field against this seasons Greenbay Packers imho

Hard to say.....apples and oranges. One thing I'm sure of, Aaron Rodgers would get less chances with Riggins and the Hogs pounding the ball and Theismann using play-action and throwing to the Smurfs. Then you have Joe Washington to change the pace and he always presented matchup problems. Throw in a healthy Art Monk, who missed the postseason due to injury, and the Packers D would be fit-to-be-tied.

Give Dexter a shot at Aaron Rodgers and he might "ring his clock". ;)
what? we had a championship team sometime in the past?
Funny, Harbaugh took the job in San Francisco, realized he had a strong runner and run blocking line and only a serviceable qb and has won with a ball control attack.

Here in DC every coach that comes in has to install a completely new system and acquire a bevy of new players.

In some cases you come in and simply need more talent, which was the situation Shanahan found.

But do you have to change up all the systems on offense and defense at the same time with limited picks and an uncapped year with a poor free agent class to chose from?

A more reasonable transition and the acquisition of a solid pro quarterback (not a star but a guy like Kyle Orton) and the Redskins wouldn't have been as poor as they have been the past 2 seasons.

It's all forgiven if the current losing results in the team loading up on a franchise quarterback to go with the Kerrigans, etc.

But if the team fumbles away the 2012 offseason/draft and we are back here in the summer still wondering who the qb is going to be, I am going to turn the channel on this horror show.
Oh man, here we go again. Kyle Orton is anything but solid. He's very similar to Rex Grossman - moments of greatness, but overall not good. He was an interception machine in Denver this year!
Over the past 2 years Orton has been a competitive player. Once again, I made the caveat that he is not a franchise qb, merely a player to bridge to the future.

Right now go back and look at what Grossman has done in the NFL, he really only has 2006 as a season where he was the 16 game quarterback, and then compare his performance to what Orton has done and I think you will see that Orton is a better option.

Recall that with McDaniels in Denver, Orton was expected to throw the ball 30-35 times a game. Here in Washington in an offense where you accent the running game to a degree and ask a quarterback to take fewer risks with the ball as a matter of system and aggressiveness, I think would net better stats for Kyle.

It does seem clear, though, that Kyle Shanahan does NOT differentiate between Rex Grossman/John Beck starting at quarterback in Washington and Matt Schaub starting in Houston.

The plays are the same. The expectations seem to be the same.

But who in their right minds would expect the same results? :)

These Redskins qbs simply lack the talent to execute it.

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