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Gibbs 10th on List of Greatest Football Coaches

I think they got the coaches order mixed up but can't argue with the men on the list. I still think Vince Lombardi was the best football coach of all time. Landry ahead of him? Landry ahead of Gibbs? I cannot deny Landry was a great coach, growing up that fidora on the other side of the field was a menacing figure and I would be blind to not recognize what a great coach he was, but 3rd best coach of all time? No! Top ten yeah, but definitely not top 3.
I saw this too. Belichick ahead of Gibbs? Gimme a break. Belicheat had a top 5 QB of all time for his three SB wins, and Gibbs had... what exactly?

I agree with Brian, the order was compltely effed up.
Gibbs is #2 to Lombardi, IMO. And not by much.
3 Titles. With 3 different QB's.
Landry would be next, then Knoll, then Shula, then Halas, then Belicheat. Using their list.

I couldn't care less about college.
It's the back to back SB's that muddy up the water.

If we'd a gotten XVIII, even the mediots would have to give it to Gibbs, in a laugher.

****ing Rocket Screen!!!
When i saw the post topic i thought it was low...
But then i read the article and saw the list.

Looking at that list that's pretty good company and I think anyone can argue for any of those to be interchanged.
It's tough to argue with the list. It looks like they give a little too much weight to the length of a coach's career (I'd have Lombardi higher), and some of the names could be moved around, but the ten coaches they picked were pretty fair.
Wonder if Gibbs' second stint with the Skins (two playoff appearances, but a losing overall record) had any impact on where he was ranked? In this list, probably not.

Kinda surprised Walsh didn't make the cut, although he was tied to Montana. Parcells is probably just outside the top 10 as well.
Granted I hate Belichick with a passion, but I would have put Walsh over Belichick. In a heartbeat, btw. As the innovator of the WCO, pretty sure Walsh deserves a fairly high spot on this list. Way higher than a cheater.

My problem is that I don't follow College at all. I know the names, but can't judge their worthiness at all.
Zorn's not on there? What an outrage!!

Actually, I agree with the other posters. Drop Belicheat out. Landry should be in the bottom half and Lombardi should be 1 or 2.
Personally, I don't think you can compare NCAA and NFL coaches on the same top 10 list. Sure, Knute Rockne compiled a ridiculous win/loss record, but that was back when Notre Dame was the gold-standard, and they had literally ALL the talent. Well, not all, but today a lot of the primo-recruits go to other major schools; back then, over half of those went to Notre Dame instead.

Also, a lot of these major college programs play Western Pennsylvnania Technical Institute of Interior Design every year...a lot of gimme games. In the NFL, there are no gimme games. At all. Every once in awhile an Appalaichain State will pull an upset over a Michigan, but it don't happen often.

That being said, I personally would instantly remove all college-only coaches from the top-10 list. Especially Joe Paterno, because his name should be stricken from everything for his role in Sanduskygate, in my humble opinion.

Bill Belicheat in front of Gibbs is insult enough, but Bill Belicheat in over Walsh? As Goaldie said, Walsh invented the offense that has made a lot of careers. His coaching tree is unrivaled in the NFL, and leaving him off in favor of a college coach or Bill Belicheat pretty much invalidates the rest of the list.

Don Shula is on the list for his undefeated season, that's it. He couldn't win a superbowl with a top 5 QB of all time! Get the eff off a top 10 list! That's ridiculous. Barry "A Gorilla Could Have Done My Job" Switzer won a superbowl with the triplets, and Don Shula couldn't win won superbowl with Dan Marino at the helm? No, no, a thousand times no!

Also, Gibbs should be higher. The only NFL coaches who I think should even be in the discussion of being higher than Gibbs, in no particular order:
Chuck Knoll
Vince Lombardi
Bill Parcells
If Scott Norwood's kick was 4 ft to the left, Parcells wouldn't even be in consideration when top coaches are being discussed.

Don Shula whips the pants off of Parcells.

And yeah, Walsh is quite the omission.

Gibbs is still #1 in my book.
I disagree, Ax. A lot of people want to dismiss Parcells because of his work with the Cowboys, which admittedly tarnishes his rep a bit. However, he did bring them back into competitiveness.

Giants - he won two superbowls in an era that had some of the greatest NFC competition of all time, no small feat. The Redskins, Bears and 49ers all had some of the greatest teams of all time during that stretch. The Bears were only able to win one superbowl with the greatest or 2nd greatest defense of all time, and the best RB of all time! (At least Ditka was able to win a superbowl with the obvious talent he had - makes Ditka > Shula in my book).

Patriots owe a ton of their SB success to Parcells, who built the defense that helped them win. I'd say Belicheat deserves about 25% credit for coaching the D, Brady deserves about 40% credit, and Parcells deserves 35% credit. Can you imagine if Parcells was still on the sideline during the Brady era? They might not have lost a superbowl.

Shula's undefeated season is impressive, obviously. But if you look at his schedule, it was set up for an undefeated season. I think the win % of his opponents that season was like -17%. It was like a 14-game schedule with the 2006-2008 Detroit Lions every week. Weakens his case a bit, IMO. Not to mention, if Sonny is healthy he never completes the perfect season - another stroke of luck for him.
And again, if Norwood is true, we're talking about Marv Levy.

4 straight AFC Championships + SBXXV, would have put Levy ahead of the very good, but a little overrated, Parcells.
Is he tied with Parcells on SB victories?

Then, no.

Marv Levy isn't tied with Parcells in superbowls either...

You are right - if Levy had won one of those superbowls, he would be considered one of the greats. But, he didn't.

If the 83 Redskins were more disciplined, maybe they beat the Raiders and Gibbs is the undisputed number one on this list. They didn't, and he isn't. Same with Levy - his kicker shanked a kick. How many kickers have shanked game-winning kicks in the NFL? A hundred? A thousand? Should we go back and revisit all of these coaches W/L records to see how many of them won because of a shanked kick?
Marv Levy isn't tied with Parcells in superbowls either...
Only in my very limited, "what if" concerning a missed field goal.

A big what if, to be sure.

I still feel Parcels was a little overrated. He lived off that missed field goal for what, another 20 years?
Only in my very limited, "what if" concerning a missed field goal.

A big what if, to be sure.

I still feel Parcels was a little overrated. He lived off that missed field goal for what, another 20 years?

Well, that and a dismantling of the Broncos in 1986.

Winning the superbowl is hard - just ask Marv Levy! Parcells could possibly be overrated, but I don't think he's any more overrated than Belicheat or Shula are. Just my opinion.
Shula only had two losing seasons in 33 years as a head coach. That's pretty damn impressive.
Only in my very limited, "what if" concerning a missed field goal.

A big what if, to be sure.

I still feel Parcels was a little overrated. He lived off that missed field goal for what, another 20 years?

That's probably because he won it with Jeff Hostetler under center. Before he got there he beat the 14-2 two-time defending SB Champion 49ers in San Francisco ... with Hostetler under center.

I think not having his 11-year veteran starting QB, and former superbowl MVP, for the final two regular season games and the entire playoffs and having to go on with a QB who had previously started a grand total of two games, more than balances out a missed 49-yard field goal.
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