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Giants' Prank Video has Coughlin Concerned

Is he concerned it happened, or that it went viral?
Its tradition. I dont see anything wrong with it unless it goes overboard like at FAU
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Its tradition to haze 2nd year players?

Overboard like at FAU? Not sure what incident you are referring to?
He didn't look or sound okay with it.

The FAU thing confused me because I went there, and had never heard of anything like that. So no, I didn't know what incident you were referring to, my b.
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He has a problem with it - it's humiliating Mike. Look at the guys face coming out of the water. He's pissed. There are a lot of issues with it - first of which is, slamming someone into a pool of water (essentially head first) can not only get you injured, it can get you paralyzed (that's not an exaggeration). So its a) a pretty ****ing stupid thing to do to a teammate, and b) damned dangerous. The other issue with it is, it's being done by a guy 3 times his size - if you don't think the 'veteran' is getting his jollies off doing it, because he can and knows there's nothing the smaller guy can do about it, I think you're wrong. It's clearly not about rookie hazing.
He said hes OK with it and doesn't have a problem. Im not even sure why anyone else does if he himself doesnt.
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Here are his quotes:

"Yeah, um, well, I mean, I just don't get it. I don't understand the rules," Amukamara told the Newark Star-Ledger on Saturday night after the Giants beat the Jets, 26-3. "I mean, I'm not a rookie anymore, so I don't know why I'm getting thrown in the tub. I know it's all love.

"Yeah, no one ever likes it, especially when it's you versus eight and no one's helping you. But it doesn't mess up our team morale or anything.

"I don't think I did [anything to provoke it]. I don't think I did. Ask them."

That doesn't sound like a guy who is "okay" with it to me. And if he's really outnumbered in the locker room, what do you think would happen? JPP and crew will come to him and tell him what to say.
Thats your interpretation.

Doesnt mess up morale
its all love

Thats what he says. The rest is just what you've decided he feels.
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Its clear as day he's not happy with what happened. If you can't see that in his comments, then you're obviously just hearing what you want to hear. Not really sure why you're sticking up for the GMen anyway!
and I get that he might have been upset with it at the time; he was just thrown in to a pool of freezing cold water and in front of all of his peers. But after time to "cool off" if he is saying he has no problem with it then neither do I.

And this is coming from a guy who's been taped to goalposts, locked in lockers, thrown in closets and had them locked. It was all just something boys/young men did. It was never meant to be malicious and if it got too far out of hand it was stopped. He doesnt look like he was fighting it when it happened or even really complaining. I didnt even see him even budge in a struggle.
Yeah, it's all good until somebody gets seriously hurt and then it's "Well, we didn't mean any harm. We were just horsin' around". And that's coming from a guy who pledged "ole school" back in the day. The difference is that the guys who pledged me would have never done anything that stupid, nor would they have allowed anyone else to do it to us either. Our pledge sessions ended prematurely on several occasions because things were getting out of hand. Unfortunately there are too many folks nowadays without enough good sense to know the difference between harmless pledging (or in this case rookie hazing, nevermind the fact that he's not a rook anymore) and dangerously stupid behavior.

Take my word for it. There's a dynamic at work in these kinds of situations whereby one doesn't air the group's dirty laundry in public but behind closed doors I bet he expressed his anger about it. Were it me I'd be laying in wait for the right moment to get him back in similar fashion if it took me into the next season to do it...regardless of Coughlin's anger or his fines. But then that's just how I roll. YMMV.

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