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Getting Married!


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Jul 19, 2009
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Wadsworth, Oh
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Tomorrow morning at 10:30 as some of you know I will be marrying Kelly, the love of my life! I never believed in love at first site till I met her.

It will be both of our second marriages, we joke that we will be each others favorite second spouse!

The wedding will be her, my son, me, a photographer, and the minister at a remote waterfall! Here is a picture of us from earlier tonight. After the wedding I will post some more

And yes I do know I out kicked the coverage :yes:
She is beautiful. Congrats and best of luck!
Congrats! Have a blast.
Congrats! I've really enjoyed watching you post pictures of your courtship on FB; she seems like a lovely lady. Best wishes to you both for a wonderful and happy future together with your son! Looking forward to seeing pics of your wedding ceremony :) All the best!

And what is the deal with the men on this site consistently marrying up?

And what is the deal with the men on this site consistently marrying up?

Yes indeed - congrats Derek!

The reason why so many of you have married up is simple. We have a lot of good people in this forum who are passionate about life. When you couple that with success and a commitment to family, it is not surprising to see such a pattern in here.

Hey, just saying.
I don't know about all that, BB, but I'm hung like a horse.
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And what is the deal with the men on this site consistently marrying up?

Maybe God is taking pity on us for the Vinny years, kind of a restitution.

Congrats SC, awesome news.

God Bless You both Derek! Like K, it has been a joy to watch your relationship with Kelly blossom. Congrats!!!

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Thanks everybody! She did mention the Redskins in her vows! Everything went just the way we wanted it to.

Here are a couple of sample pics we got from the photographer




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