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Geico Isn't As Bad As Everyone Claims


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Apr 1, 2011
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I just switched to Geico for my car insurance. I have always heard that Geico is horrible, because they supposedly drop you for any violation or accident. I heard the same thing about Progressive, and had an accident and 3 tickets in 3 years with them and never got dropped. What I do know, is the price and all the extras I get with Geico are amazing.

Up until today, I was with Alfa. I had liability only, with state minimums on all the coverage levels. Nothing else was included, it was very basic. I paid $145 down and $67 per month for the coverage.

I just got Geico and ordered online. With the same coverage levels (and upgraded to full coverage as well), I only had to pay $57.02 down, and $61.06 monthly. In addition to that, I also get $3-$7k off the purchase of a new car, and $7-$10k off a used car. I also get 24/7 roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, loss of income and medical assistance if needed, 35% off movie tickets, 15-20% off airline tickets, 80% off gift cards from Restaurant.com, 30% off hotels, $10-$30 off amusement park tickets, discounts to Sears, Kmart, target, all hardware stores, 68% off orders from Omaha Steaks, and half a dozen pages of other discounts. It's insane the amount of extra stuff you get.

My policy paperwork also says that every 6 month period without a ticket or accident, I get a $15 monthly deduction on my premium, which bottoms out at $15 a month. So in theory, if I go the next 18 months with no accidents or violations, I will have all these freebies, along with full coverage insurance for $15 a month. I don't care what anybody says, I love the idea of that :D

I have a +5 on my record, 1 ticket for 11 over, 2 tickets for a headlight out and 2 accidents where the other guy was found at fault in almost 14 years of driving, so I am a good driver and plan on getting those discounts. Believe the gecko hype boys lol.
I'll let you know later this afternoon. Just found out the body shop effed up a repair on my major accident over a year ago, and I've got a crack in my engine block. If Geico is true to their "guaranteed repairs," they should cover it no problem. I have a feeling their guarantee is going to be worth about Jack & [expletive deleted], and Jack just left town.
that's a very interesting situation that usually doesn't come up. I'm definitely interested in how it pans out, keep me updated.
Well, Geico is trying to bend me over and say I got this crack from hitting something in the road. Problem is, even if I could prove them wrong, the time and effort would probably cost less than just repairing the damn thing.

**** Geico right in the face. Terrible company.
Damn man, that sucks. It's like you said though, they can't prove you did, you can't prove you didn't. It's just one of those situations that sucks all around.

I wouldn't blame Geico though, I have come to the conclusion that all insurance companies are happy to take your money, they just don't wanna pay anything back out, even when they should.

Look on the bright side, at least you don't have Farmer's :laugh: After the California wildfires a few years ago, they almost tripled my rate. I had no issues at all with them, and they lied to my face and told me the rate increase and the wildfires was purely coincidence. I dropped them, because I knew they were lying to my face, and wouldn't you know it - about a month ago, I get a letter in the mail asking me to participate in a class action suit against them. The funny thing is, the letter came from Farmer's. Who sends you a letter asking you to participate in litigation against them? Oh, of course I will be participating :D Hell, maybe I will even make $11.72 off the settlement like I did from the last class action suit I was involved with :laugh:

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