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Gameday Parking


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Feb 25, 2010
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I'll be attending the Redskins-Packers game on Oct 10th and was hoping for some insight from you experienced folks. This will be my first (of many, I hope!) visit to FedEx and I'll be joined by my son for his first ever pro football game. We're confident this will be a great experience and we're excited, to say the least!

I was curious if anybody has any recommendations for parking. I'll be driving up from the Norfolk, VA area and am not familiar with DC or the stadium area. We don't plan on setting up our own tailgate party but certainly want to walk the lot and experience the game day fervor that is evident with every passionate fan base.

I know we'll pay for parking wherever we go, but is their a "smart" choice? I'd appreciate any information that helps to make this a memorable experience for my son and I. Thanks!

BTW, sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. I did a quick search but didn't find a thread that directly addressed parking options.
1. Get to FedEx early. The sooner you get there the less headaches with traffic, other people parking, confused attendants......etc. Plus, more room for tailgating if needed.

2. As for parking, my advice is to look on stub hub and get a parking pass. Yes, you can go the cash parking route and there are many places to get cash parking. But it's a longer walk. If you are willing to walk, you can probably get parking for about $20-$25. If not look around and see if you can find a pass.

I might have a green pass available for you for practically cost ($40= pass + shipping) but I may be using it.

Good luck.
Thanks for the info, WD.

I was doing some reading on the ExtremeSkins forum and there were some fans promoting a lot just north of FedEx off of Barlowe, near Landover Rd (Hwy 202). The thread, however, was from 2007.

I'm not a member at ES so couldn't log on to ask those folks, but I was curious if any of you knew if this lot still existed? It sounds very convenient and reasonably priced.


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