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Game Time Power Rankings Week 9 Bye


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Aug 21, 2010
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Florida Atlantic

Redskins offense VS Redskins practice squad defense - If you break it down Coach Shanahan will continue stressing running the football, with success this again will open up the passing game. The Redskins will start D Mcnabb at QB (hopefully not hampered by hamstring injury or R Grossman could see more reps), also R Torain 1st team RB (Possible K Williams gets the start if Torain cant go, I doubt C Portis will be ready still nursing groin injury). The offensive line is set and will focus on fundamentals, nothing has changed as far as the approach to keeping players healthy (wtf happen to D Dockery). This practice will be more about execution for the redskins, no matter whose in the line up (J Brown still getting back into the swing of things which could mean more reps for S Heyer). The redskins will focus on the run / pass pro communication, I expect alot of pressure from the practice squad in preperation for the eagles front 7 and variety of blitz packages that send defenders from multiple angles.

Last weeks bright player - A Armstrong, young explosive WR that can seperate from DB's and position / adjust his body to the ball in the air.

Offense - Power running game complementing a pro style offense.

Key players: C Cooley, D Mcnabb and K Lichtensteiger

Redskins practice sqaud offense VS Redskins defense - If you break it down Coach Haslett is still tinkering with his new 3-4 defense. Packages are being installed based on gameplan, team match up and available personel. The base 3-4 defense will work on alignment calls, shifts and aubibles. The practice sqaud offense will be working on showcasing multiple spread formations that take advantage of poor pressure packages expecting the redskins to install a coverage based gameplan. The practice sqaud will look to exploit key match up problems M Vick will present with his talented mobility and arm strenght.

Last weeks bright player - K Moore, FS our last line of defense is starting to get back into the swing of things, his presence gives our defense more stability.

Defense - 3-4 aggressive blitzing with athletic secondary.

Key players: C Rogers, K Golston and L Alexander

Redskins VS Redskins - This week is important, half way through the season players will need true leadership to step up and keep the ship afloat. There is no "I" in team and there is no room for finger pointing. HTTR

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