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Game Time Power Rankings Week 4 Cardinals


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Aug 21, 2010
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Redskins offense VS Cardinals defense - If you break it down Coach Shanahan will continue stressing running the football, with success this again will open up the passing game. The Redskins will start R Grossman at QB, also switching gears with R Torain 1st team RB. The offensive line is set and will focus on fundamentals, young talent like S Capers, W Montgomery, E Cook, and C Rinehart need to step up for roster spots. This game will be more about execution for the redskins, no matter whose in the line up. The redskins will focus on the run / pass pro communication, I expect alot of shifting from the cardinals and blitz packages that send defenders from multiple angles. A solid cardinals 3-4 defensive scheme combined with the playmakers they have in their front 7 on defense consist of D Dockett and B Robinson and depth that complement the 3-4 defense; run/pass rush DL - C Campbell, A Branch and young stand out D Williams has made a impact. The LB's J Porter (vet) C Haggans (beast) and G Hayes need to stay healthy, cardinals also have a youth movement going on and will evaluate alot of their talent.

Last weeks bright player - T Williams, young powerful offensive lineman that can redirect / push / move / lead block at 2nd and 3rd level with athletic ability.

Offense - Power running game complementing a pro style offense, last evaluation game for position battle's - RB / WR / OL

Key players: R Torain, S Capers and B Banks

Cardinals offense VS Redskins defense - If you break it down Coach Haslett is still tinkering with his new 3-4 defense. Packages are being installed based on gameplan, team match up and available personel. The base 3-4 defense will work on alignment calls, shifts and aubibles. The cardinals offense will be working on getting in sync, M Leinart has been shaky at best while D Anderson appears to have the locker room and will get the start against the redskins. L Fritzgerald is hampered by injury so I expect the cardinals to take their passing attack in consideration. I expect S Breaston and E Doucet should get alot of reps. The redskins defense will work on situational packages expecting cardinals to showcase their talent. B Wells and L Stephens-Howlings look to be the focal point in the cardinals backfield. Our 3-4 defense will look to bring pressure to substitute for the match up problems K Moore would've present (R Doughty IMHO is a weak link in our defense when hes on the field). I don't expect our 1st team defense to play much but position battle at FS between T Carter and R Doughty is one to watch.

Last weeks bright player - A Haynesworth, RDE definately plays to his strenghts playing aggressive but he needs to clean up his technique.

Defense - 3-4 aggressive blitzing with athletic secondary, last evaluation game for position battle's - LB / FS / DL

Key players: A Haynesworth, P Riley and T Carter

Good post, z0e. I think we're looking for the same things. I'm gonna keep a better eye on T. Carter over Doughty this week. Hope I get to see some T. Carter with the first stringers.

I don't care who gets the start. I just want our guys to send them cryboys packing next sunday!!!!!
Redskins Safety battle analysis on Cardinals game film.

FS # 24 Tyrone Carter TCKL - 5 (ASTCKL - 1) Grade B+ ** new to the defense but looked very experienced always around the ball when the play came his way.

SS # 48 Chris Horton TCKL - 4 (ASTCKL - 0) Grade C- ** very frustrating at times watching him in deep coverage but held his own when it came to making hits.

FS # 32 Anderson Russell TCKL - 3 (ASTCKL - 0) Grade C+ ** for a young player he showed me enough to be on the practice squad

SS # 37 Reed Doughty TCKL - 0 (ASTCKL - 0) Grade DNP (did not play) ** this either means he has a roster spot locked up (I doubt) or the coaches have already seen enough (anymore film would hurt his value and coachs know NFL scouts will be watching this game to evaluate players from different teams).
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