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Game Time Power Rankings Week 3 Jets


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Aug 21, 2010
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Redskins offense VS Jets defense - If you break it down Coach Shanahan will continue stressing running the football, with success this again will open up the passing game. The Redskins will start R Grossman at QB, also switching gears with W Parker 1st team RB. The offensive line is set and will focus on fundamentals, I'm confident although preseason nothing has changed as far as the approach to keeping players healthy. This game will be more about execution for the redskins, no matter whose in the line up. The redskins will focus on the run / pass pro communication, I expect alot of shifting from the Jets and blitz packages that send defenders from multiple angles. A solid Jets 3-4 defensive scheme combined with the playmakers they have in their front 7 on defense consist of K Jenkins who is a beast and complements the 3-4 defense with depth quick run/pass rush DE's like J Taylor and young stand out K Wilson has made a impact with D Revis holding out due to contract dispute. The LB's B Scott (vet) and C Pace (beast) need to stay healthy, I expect the jets to pressure R Grossman similar to ravens game plan week 2.

Last weeks bright player - A Armstrong, young explosive WR that can seperate from DB's and position / adjust his body to the ball in the air.

Offense - Power running game complementing a pro style offense, starters will play until halftime and backups getting more game time experience.

Key players: W Parker, T Williams and B Banks

Jets offense VS Redskins defense - If you break it down Coach Haslett is still tinkering with his new 3-4 defense. Packages are being installed based on gameplan, team match up and available personel. The Haynesworth situation appears to be day to day, at this point coach will plug the next guy in if haynesworth doesnt particpate in practice. The base 3-4 defense will work on alignment calls, shifts and aubibles. The jets offense will be working on getting in sync, without S Holmes (4 game suspension) to start the season, I expect B Edwards and J Cotchery should get alot of reps. The jets will sub out starters after halftime so the match ups are important. The redskins defense will work on situational packages expecting jets to showcase their talent. L Tomlinson and S Greene look to be the focal point in the jets backfield. Our 3-4 defense will look to bring pressure to substitute for the match up problems Haynesworth would've present. K Moore's injury will allow some looks at T Carter, I expect him to battle R Doughty for roster spot.

Last weeks bright player - L Landy, SS definately plays to his strenghts playing aggressive in the box near the LOS.

Defense - 3-4 aggressive blitzing with athletic secondary, starters will play until halftime and backups getting more game time experience.

Key players: A Haynesworth, R Doughty and A Carter

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Good perspective Z0e. Just some randomness to compliment, supplement, agree, or disagree by:

I'm just looking to see if they improved from last week(duuuuuh). I'm looking at A Armstrong to have another strong game (we need him to be the real deal @ #2 or #3). Looking for better Run blocking on the O and run stopping on the D. On the D we left some pretty wide open spots and the ravens took full advantage of it. I'm looking for the me eliminate those spots, to a degree. I wanna see more sacks, Flacco felt pressure but didn't get very dirty.

Here's a few random thoughts on players:

I think Doughty will do ok, not great. IMO, he's usually a pretty solid tackler (when his size doesn't hurt him), gets after the ball carrier, but he's in a position to get burned.

Willie Parker: I hope he does well but he'll look like crap if an aggressive Jet's D keeps collapsing holes and knocking blockers into him (a la Ravens). wanna see some successful between-the-tackles running... could be preseason play calling or designing around what needs work, but you'll still have to mix it up

Carter: Same as last week, I think he's a good player, but I hope he gets more comfortable.

Landry was playing violently last week. I liked it but he could still play a little smarter. but he should knock some heads!


lastly, no injuries.
I agree mike.... a little part of me likes the jaw-jacking but its not worth the potential penalty. I'd rather see them crush players or entire offenses in a more stoic manner. Its more bad ass if they put a smack on someone hard, get up and go back to the huddle, and then do it again. It's like "just going to work."

Horton played some last week if memory serves. I could be wrong, but I think hes more of the SS back-up.
I predict we'll be looking for a QB to replace Grossman after the game
If our line blocks like they did last week, Grossman is going to have a very rough day.

As for Landry, I am not sure why he has not gotten a penalty called on him for taunting yet this preseason. I have to think that his actions will not fly to well come the regular season.

Also, didn't one of the Ravens slap him in the head last week after being taunted? The ref was standing right beside both of them and neither got a penalty.
Also, didn't one of the Ravens slap him in the head last week after being taunted? The ref was standing right beside both of them and neither got a penalty.

yeah I saw that. I also saw them call Fletcher after he accidentally hit the ball with his foot before the teams lined up.

Unacceptable for Landry's taunting, the no call on the altercation, and the BS call on Fletcher.

We got outplayed, so I'm not making excuses, but the officiating was just HORRIBLE!
the officiating almost made me cry, it didnt even feel like a home game until you heard the crowd... i think theirs an article on redskins.com about these 2 preseason games getting record highs in broadcasting or something. I think every team in the NFL sees the redskins as dark horse team and if healthy we have experience in key positions that can make a huge difference between wins and losses.
Safety Battle - R Doughty (not enough range for FS) VS T Carter (familiar with 3-4 defense) VS C Horton (coming off injury).

I expect Doughty to be the odd man out... its funny how some people say Andre Carter looks uncomfortable with his transition to OLB but Doughty has been playing FS since college and is a career back up at SS in the NFL. Doughty can hit but his range in coverage gets him exposed.
I am interested to see what Carter can do for the short term. Hopefully he has taken care of himself, because at 34 years old, that position could be rough on him.

As of right now, I think Doughty and Horton are a toss up. Horton has more range than Doughty, but I believe Doughty is probably smarter (really have no basis to say this except for his time in the league) and is a better tackler.

Horton had a couple of really good games his rookie year, but that is about it. I think he is overrated by Skins fans at this point. If we were arguing over the SS position, then Doughty would get it hands down.
One theme I've seen hinted at in this thread is one that I think will bear keeping in mind during the game. Shanahan and the coaching staff are evaluating individual players first and foremost-game planning isn't part of the package here. This is pre-season and even though I've heard statements, probably accurate IMO, that the Ravens went at the last game as though it was a regular season game and the Jets may do the same, I don't think actually "winning" the game is the most relevant part of what Shanahan's trying to accomplish here. Several areas, such as WR and RB for example, are still fairly open as far as establishing a depth chart go and substitutions are made with, I think, that as the overriding priority. The O and D schemes are still pretty much vanilla because it's easier to compare how different players at a position are learning their role and how well they've assimilated what they've learned and practiced. I don't expect the Shanahans or Haslett to reveal all the "secrets" until Sept.12th. regardless of the preseason outcomes.
I agree Serv, I don't think we're going to see a whole lot more than we've seen to this point from Shanahan and company against the Jets. Some people say they don't care about the pre-season but I honestly don't. It doesn't give you an accurate picture of what type of team you're going to have come the regular season.

I expect the Jets to win the game, not because they are just head and shoulders better than us but rather, they have to win. They have been anointed the Super Bowl favorites by some. They are the "stars" of Hard Knocks. They can't afford to take their foot off the gas for a second at this point. Rex's ego will not allow it.

I think that when you look at the Jets from top to bottom they have some definite question marks. Almost none of them can be exploited in a pre-season game, nor should we invest the time needed to try. We just need to figure out what our starting 53 is going to be for September 12th, nothing more.
Just a few post-game thoughts...

Rex Grossman - Proving himself to be a legitimate backup. Yes, he had the fumble. However, there were some good decisions, solid leadership, and nice downfield tosses. It's nice to have strong leadership and a reliable backup after many years of mediocrity at the quarterback position.

DeAngelo Hall - He has demonstrated a knack for making big plays at the right time. We can only hope that this trend continues.

Carlos Rogers - His named was hardly mentioned last night and that is a good thing. Shutting down opposing receivers could become his specialty and like D. Hall, we hope that this trend continues as well.

The defense - Played very well and basically shut down a Super Bowl contender. There were a couple of plays that yielded some yardage, but the defense shut Sanchez and Co. down when needed. Could the defense be returning to a top five form? It's certainly possible, especially when you watch this team shutting down a potential Super Bowl challenger a la last night.

Albert Haynesworth - Yes, it is difficult to avoid mentioning him when you consider everything that has happened in recent weeks. His play and comments after the game were encouraging. Let's hope it continues.

The offensive line - This was a very good performance against one of the best defenses in the league. At one point in the game, there was a brief scuffle and it was good to see the likes of Williams, Dockery, Rabach, and the entire line mixing it up a bit. These moments can help to solidify a unity that you desire to see in the trenches.

Willie Parker and Larry Johnson - It simply isn't working for Parker and there was no harm in seeing if there was anything left. Now we know. As for Johnson, he still has a better than average chance of making the roster and can make a stronger claim with a decent performance next week.

Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams - It would be unusual to keep four running backs on the roster, but it would be wise to keep these two players. In the future, an explosive runner out of college can pair with Williams and Torain to form a backfield that is envied throughout the league.

Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas - The only thing we can do with Kelly is to cut the losses and move forward. Hoping he can play in a few games and give the team fifteen receptions each season is not the answer. Thomas probably makes the team based on the current situation at wide receiver, but this season will be a final chance to prove his worth.

Coaching - Stability. Ah, that's nice. It's refreshing. Gibbs II brought a certain amount of respect and stability, but it was not Gibbs I. For the first time in eighteen years, we have what is needed at the coaching position.

On to the final game of preseason.
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Great post BB :cheers:

Btw, I said before the game that 2 guys who are going to be better than expected and have a significant impact on the quality of this team were Rex Grossman and Deangelo Hall. In fact, I see Hall having a Pro Bowl year in 2010. He just looks hungry and determined - he is constantly around the ball, and unlike most Redskins DBs of the last decade, when he gets his hands on the ball, he usually holds onto it. I think Grossman's problems have always been in his head. He's got the arm and talent to be a top 10 NFL QB, he just needs a stable, steady hand helping to keep his head where it needs to be. I hope we don't need him this season, but odds are we will. And I think he's capable to step in if he has to. What more could you want from a backup.
The problem with Grossman is indeed in his head, no questions. The issue is whether or not he can hold it together for a few games if and when McNabb gets injured. I feel OK with him as a backup, I saw him make some nice throws, but he had some very poor decisions as well. Not sure you're going to get much better than he as a backup though...
The only concerns I have going forward is the running game on both sides of the all. The Jets seemed to gain 5-6 yards on almost every 1st down not to mention a couple of big runs. LT had 86 yards on 11 carries and Greene had 56 on 12, that's over 140 mostly in the first half.

On the offensive side of the ball, I would like to see our run game be a lot more effective. Is it the O-line or Willie Parker? LJ didn't have so much luck last week either. Granted the defenses we faced were top tier, but I would like to see out run game more effective.

I was very pleased how the 2nd stringers went out in the 3rd quarter and held their own against the Jets 1st stringers. Sure the Jets had a long sustained TD drive, but it was ugly and could/should have been stopped early.

I can't agree with the pundits who are still proclaiming the Redskins are the bottom of the crop in the NFC East. I truly think our division is over rated and we will be near the top, near the top being middle of the road - 9-7.

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