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Game Preview: Skins vs. Steelers


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Click HERE to access everything you'd ever want to know about tonight's pre-season contest between our beloved Redskins and those nasty road warriors the Pittsburgh Steelers.

[media]http://www.bgobsession.com/skinsreleases/Washington Redskins Game Release, vs Pittsburgh Steelers, 08-12-11.pdf[/media]
Otogwe and Beck are out for tonight. Cooley, Hicks, and Torain are also scratched.
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Beck's absence really takes some of the drama out of this contest after all the offseason focus on him and his ability to lead the team.

Grossman I have seen enough of to know what we are getting there.

Lots of younger players at other positions to get a live impression of.

Especially interested in seeing Jenkins and Kerrigan and Hankerson, the top 3 picks and whether they distance themselves on the field.
aside from the 3 rooks BT lists....I'm watching the o-line.
I won't be watching until Saturday, when its replayed on NFL Network. However when I do, I will be keeping a close eye on the top 3 picks, but I am also very curious to see Niles Paul in action. By all accounts, he's having a fantastic camp. I'm also excited to see Helu in the Shanahan ZBS system - will he run buck wild tonight?
Otogwe and Beck are out for tonight. Cooley, Hicks, and Torain are also scratched.

We know what we have in Otogwe, Cooley, Torain and Hicks. Beck still needs evaluated.

I stand by the scenario that Grossman starts the season as the starter and after the coaching staff gets tired of his turnovers they will take a shot at Beck.

I'm with you guys I want to see how the lines play tonight.

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