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Game Preview: Redskins vs. Giants


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This coming Monday Night, the New York Giants come onto Fed Ex Field desperate for a win to improve their playoff chances, and battling a suddenly game Redskins squad. For all the details about Sunday's game and the history between the two clubs, click HERE

(courtesy of the Washington Redskins)
You mean there's a game this week? From all the hub bub I would have thought it was the off-season. :beam:
It's not THE off-season, it's AN off-season :)
I've actually got a really good feeling about this game...this usually means we get smashed. :(
One thing I'm concerned about was brought up by Mike Tanier of the New York Times.

Player distractions caused by recent events.

While the new general manager, Bruce Allen, surveys the damage, the Redskins have a season to finish, and they have been playing opponents tough over the last month. The Giants are still following the bouncing ball from Sunday night, realizing that it may bounce them from the playoffs. A little front-office dysfunction in Washington helps the Giants’ chances: with Snyder already planning for next year, Redskins players (many of whom won’t survive a regime change) may start to do the same.

Article link:http://fifthdown.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/12/18/week-15-nfl-matchups/

I did pick the Skins in the Pickem, however, because we should beat these guys-it's Monday Night after all-time to show off "new found" skill.
Eh, depends on the players. "Front office dysfunction" could also mean the player realize they are auditioning for next year, and play accordingly. They know they need to impress to stick around...
Does anyone want to pretend things were more stable and conducive to a good game effort 2 weeks ago?

The Redakins play improved when the air at Redskins Park was far more foul.

Beat the Giants?

Yeah, I think the Redskins will beat the Giants.

This is the last big national TV primetime audience of the year and is in essence this team's Super Bowl.

I am sure the past few losses to NY are motivation as well.

Also it appears the Giants will be missing some key performers tonight including their tackle.

While Washington has overcome injuries to play better football I don't think you will see the same from NY.

The Redskins lost players but the Giants lost leaders.
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Bulldog's Twin said:
This is the last big national TV primetime audience of the year and is in essence this team's Super Bowl.

Actually, we still play Sunday night against the Cowgirls next week. :)

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