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Game Preview: Redskins at Eagles


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The Redskins travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles who seek to seize control of the NFC East from the struggling Giants and inconsistent Cowboys. For all the details about Sunday's game and the history between them, click HERE
Zorn really needs to go into this game throwing caution to the wind.

There is nothing to lose at 3-7 and playing conservatively as he did last week against Dallas merely makes for a close loss rather than a chance to win.

Yes, the team can fake a field goal or punt but I am talking about being aggressive from the opening kickoff on both offense and defense.

Forget the run on first down, run on second down, throw on third down BS.

On defense, forget about dropping 7 into coverage and come up and challenge McNabb. There is no Westbrook in the backfield.

The Eagles are now dependent upon their wide receivers to move the ball and score points and McNabb needs to be pressured.

Last week, the Redskins wasted a day in which the Cowboys couldn't have played at a lower ebb. Dallas basically slept for 3 plus quarters.

A few more aggressive calls by Zorn might very well have had the Redskins at 13-0 rather than 6-0 entering the fourth quarter.

At the very least, using that third down to make a play instead of kicking the field goal might have given Suisham a lot shorter field goal and that 9-0 lead would have held up even with Dallas' last drive.
I agree Bulldog. I was disappointed that when they got in field goal range up 6-0 they didn't keep agressive and try to punch it in. They settled for a long field goal attempt. The conservative play calling on both sides of the ball needs to go. There's nothing to lose at this point; playoffs are not in the realm of possibility.

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