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Game Comments: Stallworth, Bowen, Grossman, Banks


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Apr 11, 2009
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Wide Receiver Donte Stallworth

On his view of the Redskins organization:
“This organization has really made some strides from last year to bring in some guys and do some good things – via free agency and trades – to put themselves in a position to have a successful season. Regardless what happens with me and my situation, they’ll do that this year.”

On the younger players:
“It’s been fun with these guys. It’s really been fun. It’s really good when you can see young guys step in and be fearless and make plays and do really well in practice with the short amount of time we’ve had. No coaching sessions, no minicamps, and those guys have really done well and I’m excited for them. I hope they have a really good season this year.”

On the importance of his fourth quarter touchdown reception:
“I just try to make the most of my opportunities. I felt like I’ve done that. Like I said, the coaches will decide who the top 53 are to be on this roster.”

On what he’s seen out of quarterbacks John Beck and Rex Grossman:
“Whoever is back there throwing the ball and taking snaps from the center will be fine. The offensive line has done really well protecting the quarterbacks, running backs are running awesome, and receivers are getting open. Offensively, that’s all you can ask for. The quarterbacks are putting the ball where it’s supposed to be and the guys are making plays.”

Defensive Lineman Stephen Bowen

On the start of the regular season:
“These are the games that count now. We’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. We dealt with the uncertainty of the lockout but now it’s time to play some ball.”

On the defense’s preparation during the offseason:
“I think we put a lot of work in – a lot of film work and practice – and everybody is starting to feel a lot more familiar with the defense and are ready to go.”

On the team’s potential:
“I think we’re going to surprise some people. I don’t want to say anything like we’re the greatest. I still think we have some work to do but we’re going to take it one week at a time and stack up these wins.”

Quarterback Rex Grossman

On his play in the preseason:
“I was really happy with how I played this preseason, in practice and in games. I put my best foot forward and I feel good about it.”

On the offense coming together:
“We have been real efficient running the ball and throwing the ball. Every area of the offense has looked good. We all have played well and played together within the scheme and looked real efficient.”

Wide Receiver Brandon Banks

On what was on his mind while reviewing a potential fumble on his 95-yard punt return for touchdown:
“You don’t want to do all that work for nothing. I want to put points on the board. Just getting to the one-yard line doesn’t mean anything to me. I just want to put points on the board.”

On the getting into the end zone:
“It felt good to finally get one. The first preseason game I almost [scored], and I don’t like to 'almost.’ So it felt good to be out there and get in the end zone again.”

(Courtesy of the Washington Redskins)
That's not what I want to hear from Banks. I want him to say, it was boneheaded and it won't happen again! It wouldn't have just been on the one yard line kid, it would have been a touchback and cost us 6 points! See the tremendous talent is great and I find myself getting excited when I see him take off, but this kid has not learned anything from his youthful indiscretions. He's still too cocky and I am afraid it will cost us at some point in the season.

Stallworth sounded like he thought he would get cut. That didn't sound much like humility as much as deflation. But I have been known to read too much into things. :laugh:
He's a Plaxico Burress kind of a guy Elephant. Incredibly talented, and not the sharpest tool in the shed.
He's a Plaxico Burress kind of a guy Elephant. Incredibly talented, and not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I hear ya, that immaturity would likely get him cut if he played on my team, his talent notwithstanding. Glad I don't have to make such choices anymore. Well, no I kinda miss coaching. I'd like to take another team to the State Championships! :)

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