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Game 3 30-0 win


Nov 17, 2010
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I live in the warmest city in the coldest provinc
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We are 3-0 now, rushed for 260 yards with our second string RB and QB playing in a monsoon. I played LG almost all game (came out for 3 series) I whiffed on a block but got in the way enough to spring the RB for a 30 yarder on one play and then near the goalline, I blocked a dt, then 2 linebackers on a 12 yard goalline td run. I have decided that I like run blocking far more than pass blocking lol. won 30-0 but we should have put up 21 more points but the backup qb got stubborn and tried to pass too much near the goalline when we were averaging almost 8 yards a carry. next 3 weeks will be our toughest games against very solid teams.
Congrats Ryman. How are the knees holding out?
Thanks El,

actually not as bad as I thought. I have been going deep water running 3-4 times a week and its helping, im dropping weight and moving around better, I was up to 364 in the offseason now im down to 330 and slowly dropping. I want to get to around 300 and then I might try playing some DT.Gotta say playing Oline is way easier on the body. I have developed some really bad habits though, I find im letting guys engage before grabbing them and just driving them off the ball when i should be firing out and moving them off faster, if I miss them at least im moving up field and a good back can read that anyway. as long as I am getting it done I dont worry, but I want to make sure im playing as well as I can and honestly im not an olineman, I dont have the mentality for it so its hard lol, we pass so much that I tend to have to force myself not to go after the lineman and thats why i find I wait too much. ive been watching a lot of film to correct it.

we should be solid this year if we stay healthy. pretty thin roster at LB and db but pretty solid in most places.

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