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Free Sunday Ticket offer

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Don't know how many of you are of the gaming or Madden persuasion, but this offer seems to be pretty awesome:


Basically, you pre-order Madden 25's anniversary edition from Amazon, and you get the season of Sunday Ticket for use on your mobile devices, or if you're a Direct TV subscriber already you get a few more things and a $10/month discount.

For me, this is an awesome deal, as I half the time get stuck with Denver Donkey games. Hopefully this is worth it to some of the rest of you.
Wait, so if i buy a 50 dollar game i get a 200 dollar ticket for free AND a ten dollar a month discount?
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I haven't played a video game since I was 10 and don't own any type of system, but if that's the case I'm pre-ordering that thing immediately :laugh:
From the amazon page:
Exclusive to Amazon.com, the Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition combines all the innovation and authenticity of Madden NFL 25, a 17 week Madden Ultimate Team pack subscription, and exclusive offers for DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. Each Anniversary Edition includes a special code for eligible gamers giving them the opportunity to unlock a special, 2013 regular season (17 weeks) trial of NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, tablet, and mobile devices. For fans who are able to receive DirecTV service, a special promo code will be included entitling them to an exclusive promotion, including $10 off per month for their first year of service, and one year of NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no additional charge.

Don't know if it applies to already existing service for the $10/mo off.
It sounds like if you sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket you will receive 10.00 off per month. Where the confusion starts is you already plan to purchase the NFL ticket you will receive the 10.00 off per month (works out pretty close to the same 50.00 madden purchase) and will receive the 2nd tier package (NFL ticket max)to include mobile devices at no charge.
There are 2 packages the main one and NFL Ticket Max. Bear that in mind when you read the promo...
From what I have gathered from EA, the promo is:

If you want to get DirectTV, but don't have it yet, you get sunday ticket for free and $10/mo off.

If you already have DirectTV, you get sunday ticket max.

If you can't get DirectTV, you get sunday ticket for free on mobile devices.

Any way it goes, $100 is generally cheaper than they charge normally, right? It is the anniversary edition that must be pre-ordered from Amazon, which is $100. I don't have DirectTV, nor do I want it, so I'm definitely going for the mobile package.
I just negotiated NFL ticket for free!:xmas: I've been with Directv since 2001. It just so happens that I was free from contract with them and in 2 weeks I will be free with my cell phone carrier as well. I negotiated a deal with the comcast verizon joint promo and told directtv I was ready to part ways if they couldn't offer a comparable deal. I got a $30.00 a month discount and the basic NFL ticket package for free. Just passing that along in case some of you might also benefit with a similar situation.
I've always found their customer service to be pretty amazing.

I've found that if you call and ask for it, they'll usually just give it to you.

Earlier last year, they were in a brief dispute with some other company that meant users would lose a few channels for a few weeks. I called and asked if I was going to lose any channels, and they offered Sunday Ticket free for this season.

I've called on another occasion and mentioned that I had seen others on the internet boasting about getting it for free, and after about three minutes of being placed on hold, I also got it for free.

It's shocking what you can get by just simply asking for it.

If anyone is a current subscriber, sorry Boone, and wants Sunday Ticket for free, either pm me or ask me in here and I am pretty confident that I can help you get it with very little effort or discomfort.

For the record, I'm not advocating screwing a company out of profit for no reason at all. But if you have had interrupted service in the past, etc....I can help.
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Ya McD5 I'm interested. I should be able to do it if anyone can. I've been with em and had Sunday Ticket since 1995 and they say I'm a "preferred customer" at this stage. I too have always been happy with their customer service.
I'm happy to help CounterTrey. First, it's good to understand three things before you make the call:

1. It costs them nothing to give you ST for free. You aren't hurting them.

2. The customer service rep, like any bartender, is allotted a quota of free packages they can give away weekly to keep customers happy. I believe each rep is currently authorized to give away twenty per week without having to seek higher approval.

3. The customer service reps literally want to give you ST for free. It keeps you from complaining or yelling at them, and it makes them look good for saving a subscriber. That's their job--let them give it to you.

Okay.....now that you have that information digested, the call becomes much easier, and less confrontational.

Here are the specifics of the successful call:
Anytime you call any of the big companies,phone, cable etc....ask specifically for the "customer retention department." All large subscriber companies have them. Doing so will accomplish a few things immediately:

First, they will know you are serious, and that you are considering canceling service. They are at risk of losing money from a loyal subscriber.

Secondly, it will guarantee that you will be speaking with a decision-maker. Someone who can grant your request on that very call. You won't have to waste time going through several people and making multiple phone calls. You don't want to waste time with someone that has only been with them for a week, and whose sole job is to set installation appointments.

Suddenly....they know you are upset, and you will be talking with someone who has the power to make you happy again in seconds.....
In your case CounterTrey, the rest should be easy. Remember from above that you are now talking to someone who wants to give you something for free, and can give you something for free. Follow these steps:

1. When the CRT rep answers, repeat their name in a non-threatening manner. "I'm sorry. Did you say your name is Bill Thomas? Hi Bill Thomas, my name is CounterTrey."

Subconsciously, this rep now knows that you have his/her name. If they piss you off, you can name them specifically if they treat one of their loyal subscribers poorly.

Believe me, they no longer want to have a problem with you. They are now in the position of wanting to give you ST for free.
2. State to them that you have been a subscriber for many years; they can see your account information right in front of their eyes.

3. Tell them that you are genuinely upset, and that you are about to cancel your service and go to a competitor because of it.

4. Always be respectful, but be firm. Honey attracts the most bees. There is no reason to yell. You want the CRT rep to understand your problem, and you want them to like you. Make it easy for them to hit the "free ST" button on your account.
5. State your case as to why you should get it for free. Some points may include:

"I've been a loyal subscriber for nine years."

"I always pay my bill on time."

"I'm not the type of person who complains about anything, but this is just too much."

"Bad storms occasionally cause service to go out, but I never call and complain about it. I love DirectTV."

"I've sent new clients your way over the years."

"I see a lot of other people on the Internet getting it for free. I just want to be treated fairly after nine years."

"I have seen the promotion where brand new subscribers get it for free. I've been paying for it for nine years. I'd like the same treatment."

In my experience, by this point of the conversation, they are already giving it to me for free. And often times much more--like free HBO, Starz or Cinemax too.

If they still refuse, ask them "Do I really need to go through the trouble and time of canceling my service, then starting it again? This is ridiculous."
Finally, if they still refuse, tell them you are still upset, and you are done with this phone call.

And then make the exact same phone call the very next day. It's possible that the first CRT rep you spoke to had already used his/her weekly allotment of free packages. The chances are great that the next rep has some left.
And the last step? Congratulations. Enjoy your free ST.

Please come back and tell us about your success story. It will likely help out some other fans on this board to achieve the same.
I'll give it a shot and get back. One hangup might be how long I've had whole home DVR. You have to commit to a 2 year contract when you do that. I think I'm getting close to that deadline anyway though.

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