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Fred Davis & Trent Williams Suspended After Jets' Game


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
well, so much for building momentum on offense heading down the stretch....

according to the Examiner piece both players failed MULTIPLE drug tests, including during the season, despite the 'grace period' during the lockout.

it appears as if the offense is going to need a complete makeover in 2012, including positions such as TE that until recently looked like strengths.

Cooley looks done as a playmaker and a guy who can stay healthy for 16 game at age 30, and Davis is one failed drug test now away from being suspended for an entire season.

Are you going to give him a long-term contract with that hanging over his head?

The Redskins have improved the quality of players on the team in the past couple of years, in terms of character as well as youth and athletic ability.

In the case of Davis and Williams, though, the jury is still out.

Unlike Kerrigan and Orakpo these guys don't appear to be self-policing and mature in terms of their approach to their careers, at least not yet.
That's unfortunate. I'm not that familiar with the league's policy on drugs. Are they really in jeopardy of losing an entire season on the next failed test?

That would be unreal.
Wow. According to the ESPN blog, these two guys are just complete bozos:


That's the thing you have to understand about what happened with these guys -- the number of chances they had to avoid this. I spoke with a source Sunday afternoon who has direct knowledge of the situation, and here is what I was told:

1. Williams and Davis were already in the league's drug program because of violations in previous years. This is Williams' second year in the NFL and Davis' fourth.

2. Williams and Davis not only tested positive during the approximately 30-day "grace period" the league and the union negotiated to immediately follow the end of the lockout, but have tested positive more than once since the end of that grace period for recreational -- i.e., not performance-enhancing -- drugs.

3. The nine other players who tested positive during the grace period will not face punishment for those violations, meaning Williams and Davis could have gotten off scott-free after their first positive drug tests of this season, but decided instead to keep doing drugs.
I'd cut both their sorry asses, on-the-field impact be damned.
You know, normally I would protest Boone. But you may be right. That kind of incredibly poor decision making is a really poor indicator, imo. If what McD says is true, that speaks really poorly for both these idiots.
Morons? Yes. Cut them? Absolutely not! Steroid use is WAY worse than pot use. Would you call for them to be cut for that? I have a feeling this suspension will cure their idiotic recreational use.
ShortBus Williams is a boob.

This kinda thing wouldn't happen if we could have picked in the top 5 of the 1st rd.
Sleepy is now one suspension away from losing a season, Jimbo. And this is a contract year. He is a moron. An idiot. He knew all this, and decided to smoke pot anyway?

Suspension? Good.

Fined by team? I'm for it. If that helps with the cap for 2012, then so be it. Too, Fred won't get a big money contract - even better for our cap. But discipline by the team needs to occur as well.

No room for this crap on a "professional" football team. I'm not a big Williams fan anyway, and as far as I'm concerned, Davis can hit the road too
I would think the "Losers" will be thrilled. Since losing, at any cost, will give us a chance to get another top 5 pick, like Trent Williams.
I would think the "Losers" will be thrilled. Since losing, at any cost, will give us a chance to get another top 5 pick, like Trent Williams.

Yeah, I thought they were going to **** up and win the game there for a while
From what I have read, you have to be pretty stupid to get caught.

Players who have never tested positive take only one random test a year. The training staff notifies the player 24 hours before the test, to give them time to try and clean out their system if they are using.

After passing that test, the players then know that they can safely smoke pot the rest of the season.

The drug policy is an absolute joke. And to not be able to pass it? And then to keep using once caught a few times? Total morons.
Broken record much Ax? :)
Let's stop hijacking Bulldog's thread and stay on topic folks. Plenty of other threads related to the draft to go after each other in.
PFT reported that Trent and Fred left the stadium quickly after the game and gave no interviews. Maybe that was team orders - understandably so.

And we'd be no better off with Okung in that draft - he is out for the season and has had little impact since entering the league.

Fred started off so well this season. <Shaking head>
I am watching the Packers and Giants' game out at dinner and seeing for the umpteenth time how far the Redskins are away from being a truly competitive team.

The Packers don't have any top picks as immature as Williams or any fourth year vets like Davis that haven't caught on to what they have to do to be successful in the NFL long-term.

Davis has been a knucklehead since he entered the league and missed his first team meeting.

Trent Williams was supposed to be a guy the staff could work with.

I guess it's another case of the Redskins not doing their homework on a 23 year old guy that just won't stop doing things detrimental to his own career.

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