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Fred Davis - The Gift That Keeps Giving

McKissic for the win


according to this video: he is a gangster, he has guns, he will murder you, he drinks a lot, smokes a lot, and all he speaks is money.
To be fair, his rap sheet backs it up.

DUIs, assault charges, suspended multiple times (and currently: indefinitely) for substance abuse (both of the performance enhancing variety and other)

He's scum and our organization wasn't able to figure that out at any point in time when it mattered.


Yes, i obviously hate this organization.

Sound observation you've made, as usual!


Nah I'm good right where I am. Making my own sound observations. lol


Their are occasionally assholes that come along and taint the uniform. LaVar ButtPluggington is one, for example.

Fred Doper is one.

In my world, going forward, putting their names in a thread title would be an automatic 1 week ban, for the 1st offense. 1 month for the 2nd. 1 year for the 3rd. And lifetime for the 4th.

Mentioning them in a thread, in a positive way, would go day, week, month, year, respectively.
Mentioning them in a thread, realistically, in other words, negatively, would result in endless praise and likes from the members, and ownership here. :)

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