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Fred Davis tagged

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Oct 1, 2009
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And FA for the Redskins officially begins with keeping our TE.
Somewhere, someone's quietly lighting a blunt in celebration.
I thought it began when we signed Monty and Scott? :betterwink:

I don't like it, but I guess it makes sense business wise. This kid is within an inch of his NFL life here. This does nothing to deter his transgressions.
We'll see if Dopey has learned anything.

Dumbass ****-simple mother ****er!
Tough crowd today. Kinda feels like a Monday or sumptin'. :)
It's hard not to be a little pissed at ol' Fred. Man has all the talent in the world , a chance to be a bona fide star, bank several lifetime's worth of financial security, and have an historic fanbase fall for him hook line and sinker for the rest of his natural life.

And he doesn't seem to get it even one bit.

Doesn't make him all that different from a great many of his contemporaries, but it still gets under my skin.

Now add to the mix that my team has placed a tag on the man. I just wish my first reaction to that had been about his football acumen and worth, not an immediate "dude better not **** this up" feeling.
Question about this move. If Davis was to get caught again this year and is suspended, does his entire salary count against the cap or is it prorated?
The simple fact of the matter is that Davis was our primary receiving threat last season, pot problem or no. The free-agent TE market is not great, and who knows how long Cooley will last this season - Davis is the best option.

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