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Fred Davis: Coach Shanahan Can Do Great Things

One of many experimental iterations ...



This past year was rough. We lost to the Lions, we lost to the Chiefs, we almost lost to Tampa ...



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Apr 11, 2009
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Montclair, VA

Virginia Tech

Thought you might appreciate this ... a view from the inside.

Quoth Fred Davis:

This past year was rough. We lost to the Lions, we lost to the Chiefs, we almost lost to Tampa Bay and St. Louis. We didn’t beat the teams we were supposed to beat early. We failed as a team and changes needed to be made.

I think Coach Zorn was a good guy who meant well. I think he was put in a situation that got out of control, and then when pressure came in from the outside to win more games it was just too much. Things didn’t work out the way he planned.

We all suffered for it. We didn’t win a lot of games. Guys like London Fletcher didn’t get to go to the Pro Bowl. He’s a hard worker, he’s been around so long I couldn’t believe it when I heard he had never been to the Pro Bowl. He’s been part of so many great defenses, he’s been a consistent player, one of the top linebackers in the NFL for a long time. I definitely feel he should get a chance to go this year.

From what I’ve seen of him, Mike Shanahan is a great coach. He’s accomplished a lot and I think he’ll be able to do great things for the Redskins. He’s bringing in his own people and getting things ready.

I think Coach Shanahan saw what didn’t work this season and he’ll learn from that and try a new approach.

I’m happy to have this website and have a chance to blog and let the fans know who I really am. Fans should get the chance to know the players as people, and not always get the news that comes from the media because it’s usually not good. This will be more of a hands-on experience for fans, I hope you will all send me your questions and comments and I promise to try to respond here on the website as often as I can.

The last thing I want to say right now is that I’m sorry about this season and I’m going to work really hard in the off-season to make sure it never happens again.

Fred Davis is a tight end with the Washington Redskins. His blog for www.playerpress.com runs at www.freddavis86.com.


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Apr 12, 2009
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Fairfax, VA

Good stuff from Davis. I'll have to check that blog out.


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md

Davis at 6'3 and 255 with speed in the open field might very well turn out to have been the best pick in 2008.

He could be this team's Antonio Gates going forward and judging from how prominent TEs were in Denver's offense I would expect Davis to grab 60 balls in 2010.

The only problem is what do you do with Cooley?

He is a bit more reliable as a pure pas catcher at this point but lacks the size and speed that Davis brings to the table.

Cooley could be one player that gets moved as he has value at 28 for a team that lacks that short and intermediate receiver.

He could net us a #2 pick and the opportunity to grab an offensive lineman or running back in the draft to replace Portis.
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