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Forging Steel


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Jul 16, 2011
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How do you take a young team and make them battle tested in a hurry. Play seven playoff games in a row. Tell them they have to focus and if they lose a single one of them they are done. Take their grit, determination, and pride and tell them at 3-6 that it's time to evaluate because you don't care that we are down Davis, Orakpo, Carriker, Merriweather, or that John "F" Mara screwed the team over for two years and that everyone is being evaluated to see if they are a winner. Find a rookie qb who gets truly pissed when he is benched because of an injury and wants to play and win that bad. Fnd a rookie runner who when he makes a mistake and fumbles punishes the opposition into submission.

Some say the Redskins haven't been in the playoffs since 2007, but I say bull****. They have been in the playoffs every game since the bye and they eliminated the Giants, the Cowboys, and others from their playoff run. One and done is nothing to them.

Rumor is that after the win against Dallas the team celebrated for five minutes and then the metal cooled and was hard again. This team isn't done yet. It isn't satisfied and after seven weeks of forging it isn't brittle.

This team is steel. It isn't the purest alloy, it isn't the sharpest metal, but it has been worked. It has been driven. Best, I believe it is still hungry and the anvil is still hot. Time to hammer and let the sparks fly. Time to forge something lasting.

This should be a young team. Anyone who has been watching the last few weeks knows that it is not. There's not a lot of silliness, stupid penalties, or awkward celebrations. These Redskins are serious. How else do you explain a defense that missing so many parts can be in the right place to make three interceptions and become suddenly good after their miracle man gets hurt. How else can you explain Crawford's punt returns or Jackson's interceptions, or this o-line forging one of the top offenses in the league.

There is only one explanation. Work, drive, determination, seriousness, and sweat have made this team something better than it is. Where ten years ago we were paper tigers... today we are becoming or perhaps we are steel.
Great analysis.
All aboard! **** is about to get real! This team believes in eachother!
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Hammer time! Nice post Burgy.
Thanks. Amazing to think we're doing this with a half-manned team that has been screwed over royally by Mara. Imagine if the 36 million didn't happen or if they didn't time it to ambush us on the first day off signings or that they didn't wait til the last day of cuts to let us know we would lose Jackson for a year or if they didn't suspisciously suspend Black for medication the NFL knew he was taking for years the game Polumbus suffered a concusion, or, or, or...
No doubt. After so much pain and suffering our team is finally a team. :)
well, this sure is a cry from before the bye week when everyone was crying about the team failing AGAIN, getting rid of Shanahan, we need WRs, blah blah blah.

You have to learn to accept the good with the bad and not just like the team when they're on top.

You're overstating things Mike. Everyone here is a fan. At 3-6, with some very winnable games lost, in year 3 of a legendary coach's reign, fans should doubt, be upset, and be verbal about it. I know you're not advocating for mindless homerism. I'll also say, I think the fan outrage over Shanahan's comments at that point, that we were 'in evaluation mode', lit a fire under him and this team. We were a better team than 3-6, and they've emphatically shown that since then.

I love ya dude, but let's not rip on the fans for questioning this team and coaching staff at 3-6. We did, and we should have. Every fan is different brother - let's focus on the positive. We're all rooting for this team to continue this miracle season. :cheers:
I 100% agree with you there. As serv so cleverly joked about in the chat room last weekend, we're so conditioned to expect the worst, we are prone to lose faith at the slightest adversity. It's not the fans fault that that's the case though, it's the result of seeing bad things happen over and over during a hapless 20 year stretch. It'll take even more time for us to begin to 'get' that this team and coaching staff have turned this franchise around, and that we can begin to believe again. If last Sunday night's game didn't make that clear, I don't know what will.
I 100% agree with you there. As serv so cleverly joked about in the chat room last weekend, we're so conditioned to expect the worst, we are prone to lose faith at the slightest adversity.

And that's one of the aspects of the forging I haven't talked about. Right now, the fans are being forged too. The blacksmith is trying to pound out weaknesses in our metal. Weaknesses we've dubbed Norvousness or Zorniness.

And despite what we sometimes pretend the fan will does matter. Look at the Seahawks home and away record. I've been to games where 'skins fans sit on their hands or worse predict their own team's doom and seem more prepared to boo than cheer.

Yes, the team is being reworked, but after 20 years of mostly pain a number of us do. You see it well on both boards.
‎"The hotter the heat, the harder the steel. No pressure, no diamonds. We compete, we win. We are Baylor. Baylor we are, Baylor we'll always be..."

-- Robert Griffin, III (77th Heisman Trophy Winner)

Robert knows what it takes to forge steel!

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