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Forget #2, Brennan Struggling To Keep Roster Spot


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
I don't think there was ever really a competition for the #2 quarterback spot in 2009. Todd Collins spent the offseason using his veteran know-how to master Zorn's offense and came to camp far more prepared than Colt Brennan to run the system.

At the same time, Zorn really likes Chase Daniel and by all accounts Daniel has also been a player like Marko Mitchell that is on the come in making a case for himself to be on this football team.

Daniel is showing he can be a fluid passer from the pocket and like Brennan has the ability to make plays with his athleticism.

I think the real battle at qb for the balance of camp is to see who ends up as the #3 quarterback.

Brennan, 25, and without having thrown an NFL pass is hardly a commodity in which the team has made a major investment or who has shown he is close to being ready to play with the regular offense.

If the #3 position is truly about identifying and bringing along a developmental talent, Daniel at this point seems to no longer be the long shot of May and June.

This one is now real close.
After tonight - pretty hard to argue Bulldog...
the interesting thing about Daniel is that Zorn said his footwork was even worse than Brennan's when he came to the first post-draft camp. And yet now the coaches note how much he has improved in those intervening 4 months.

Is it a case of a guy working harder? or merely a guy who is more flexible athletically?
Can't help but wonder if Colt is pressing because he so badly wants to move up the depth chart. He doesn't look quite as relaxed to me as he did last preseason. Chase has made the most of his chance thus far. This battle can only be a good thing.
Well, that's all part of being a QB. Gotta be able to handle the pressure
Aah! How soon we forget, wasn't it just last year that so many people were singing the praises of Colt. Now it appears after one game, Chase Daniel is the chosen one. Remember "It ain't over till the fat lady sings" and as far as I can tell there's still time on the clock.
Aah! How soon we forget, wasn't it just last year that so many people were singing the praises of Colt. Now it appears after one game, Chase Daniel is the chosen one. Remember "It ain't over till the fat lady sings" and as far as I can tell there's still time on the clock.

I have always been fairly neutral on Colt, however, I agree with this post. I see Daniels on the practice squad this year. No matter what happens this year, things are going to get interesting next year depending on whether or not Campbell gets better, and we know more conclusively that Collins will be getting older. The Redskins have a history of giving up on QB's too early. It will be interesting to see how Colt responds to the adversity.
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Again, I think Zorn likes Daniel's potential at this level. Despite being a bit undersized Daniel by what we read has the mental toughness to succeed in the NFL at a high-pressure position and tends not to make the same mistakes.

Reading that and then comparing that to what is reported about Brennan, a guy with perhaps more physical talent, but who continues to make rookie mistakes over and over again, you can't help but think that his spot on the roster is up for grabs.

It also seems apparent that Brennan was Cerrato's pick last year while Zorn in Year 2 in all likelihood had a much larger role in the decision to bring Daniel to the Redskins.
Loved Chase last night. But, he looks like Doug Flutie out there. Can a 6' quarterback make it in today's NFL?

(Edit: Just thought about Drew Brees. So, I guess the answer is yes.)
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I keep hearing a lot of talk, here in this thread, on this and other sites, and in the media, about Daniel perhaps being on the Practice Squad. However, the Skins (and most teams frankly) don't seem to have a history of putting QBs on the PS. That squad seems much more about the actual positions the team needs for running practice during the season and a 4th QB really isn't in that plan. Three really seems to be the right number with numbers 1 and 2 working with the first team on this week's game plan and #3 working with the scout team offense to offer practice for the first team Defense.

With that in mind, I don't see a spot on the 8 man squad for a QB.
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Quarterback is a position where there is such a dearth of talent around the NFL, a guy with potential isn't going to last on a team's practice squad.

If Daniel has a good game against the Jaguars, he will be picked up by another NFL team to be on their regular roster as the #3 for the season.
It would be nice to size Daniel's brain and throwing motion in Colt's larger body. All preseason last year when Colt was making crazy throws that somehow got caught by a Skin instead of being intercepted - Zorn kept saying he won't be able to get away with those throws over time. Time seems to have arrived.

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