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For what its worth, Hoge, Bruschi and McShay all said Okung

Lanky Livingston

On NFL Live's draft special.

They said Bradford would go #1
Consensus was Suh and McCoy would go #2 and #3
Redskins will go OLine at #4, and McShay said the most complete guy is Okung.

With this and a couple bucks you can buy a cup of coffee, but its still something to hang our hats on...
Of course if Okung goes second then my guess is we will trade out of 4th slot.
Of course if Okung goes second then my guess is we will trade out of 4th slot.

Agreed. I don't think the 2nd pick is as cut and dried as some people think. Apparently there is some disagreement between the coach and the GM as to who their first pick should be in Detroit. The GM wants Okung and the coach wants a DT.

I can see this working out for us either way.
This makes sense. We'll see. Hopefully the obvious need for an LT will take precedence over the desire to snag a QB
The biggest mistake you can make is to force a pick and go against the flow of talent in the draft.

This is a year with talent at OT, perhaps the position of greatest need for the Redskins.

The flow of the draft is against quarterbacks, it's simply not a good year to take QB early as all the top prospects come with more question marks than you like to see.
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I agree with Bulldog. We are in a good looking situation.

My belief if that they will attempt to trade down. But if they can't.....a good OL who is worthy of the 4th overall, will be there.
I gotta go with Wheat and Bulldog on this one.

I am not saying I can judge a player after just one game, but I like Bryan Bulaga. I saw Okung play at the end of the season last year and he was impressive. He played well enough to keep his QB safe from his side of the field. But the dominance Bulaga displayed over DE Morgan (who is supposed to go around the #10 pick in the draft) in the Orange Bowl, impressed me more than Okung. I just don't know enough about Bulaga's abilities in the Zone Blocking scheme.

I am not sure how it could work out, but I would love to see us trade down a few spots, pick up an extra pick and pull the trigger on Bulaga, although some Mock Drafts have him going #5 to KC.

With all that said, Okung at #4 does not seem to be a bad choice either, I just want more picks and Bulaga.

Edit: Apparently they ran a Zone Blocking scheme at Iowa.
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I think if Okung is there we should take him. I just think he is quiet a bit better than even the 2nd best OT in this years class. If Okung is gone by our pick then we have decision to make... If Okung is gone that means either Bradford, McCoy (the DT) or Suh is still on the board, so do we take that player or do we trade down. With one of the three guys mentioned above being there I don't think we would have to try to hard to find a trade down partner, plus I just don't see a big difference between the 2nd best OT and the 4th or 5th so we could still get value at the OT position.

On the other hand I think Clausen could still be in the mix at #4.
So, the funny thing is, we already have an OT on the roster who was drafted in the #4 slot....Mike Williams. I've done absolutely NO research on the matter, but I'm willing to bet he was somewhat highly touted leading up to the 2002 draft if he was to be picked #4.

Bottom line is that there are no guarantees how a player will pan out once they hit the NFL. I just hope that the Redskins do their homework and select the best available player that suits our needs with that #4. If they don't feel comfortable with that pick, then I hope they trade down for a player that they feel is a better fit and take the opportunity to pick up another pick for a worthwhile player.

It's gonna be fun to see what happens.....

If Okung is taken by Detroit, which makes sense to me, then Bulaga may go at #4 to us. Unless the Skins are overwhelmed with an offer for Suh or McCoy, whichever one drops. I hope they do trade back and grab a couple of o-line prospects.

If Okung is gone, I really do not see Bulaga/Williams making it past the Chiefs, they need the line help.

Maybe I am crazy, and you all might agree, but I think maybe one of the two big DT's fall out of the top five.

But, of course there are probably going to be trades that mess all of this up. I hope the Skins are involved in these trades.

And of course this post will be null and void tomorrow morning when I change my mind for the 1,000 time in a 24 hour period.
While I prefer using our #4 pick on a guy who can play LT, I won't complain if we end up with Bradford, Clausen or Suh. My first choice though, if Okung is gone, is to trade down. Not sure WHO would want to trade up, given that I expect a lot of first round holdouts this year as guys try to squeeze owners for all they can since there is no salary cap. I don't know how much the owners will take this into account when drafting but it will be interesting to see it unfold.
There are a lot of whispers that Holmgren really wants a QB. Which QB is another question, but if its Claussen, he's not going to be able to draft him from the 7th pick, most likely.
Holmgren on Clausen:

The Browns president told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

"I wish I liked him more. You know how you have a type of player that you like? It's not scientific. People like him a lot. He'll go high. But it would be hard for me (to take him)."


If he's not serious that's a heck of a smoke screen.
You cannot take anything any coach or GM (not named Cerrato) says seriously at this time of year. I would bet that Holmgren likes him. Everyone respects Holmgren's evaluation of QB's, so people listen to what he has to say. Clausen just may be a Brown.

The draft cannot get here soon enough.
I agree that GMs are liars this time of year but you rarely hear them talk about an individual like this. They say "We're not looking for a QB" or something like that. I like this kind of stuff. It adds a little intrigue.
There are a lot of whispers that Holmgren really wants a QB. Which QB is another question, but if its Claussen, he's not going to be able to draft him from the 7th pick, most likely.

Holmgren is also whispering that he's not crazy about Clausen and IF it's a smokescreen, it's because he wants him to fall. He doesn't want to give up any additional draft picks in order to move up. The Browns have a ton of holes to fill and they'll need as many picks as possible to fill them.
I think it's him trying to sway people from picking him up. But is Cleveland really ready to risk another draft pick on a ND QB?

Good question. Quinn was ND, AND a hometown boy and didn't work out so well. I think the fans in Cleveland will give Holmgren quite a bit of leeway, but I am sure they won't be thrilled about taking another ND QB so early. Considering how much bad PR Mangini generated early last year, I'm not sure that's something the owners want.

Having said that, if we take Okung, I'm good. If we trade down and gather more picks, I'm good.

Questions for Bulldog's Twin: you say there are a lot of good tackle prospects in the draft this year; if that's the case, why would we want to take one with the 4th pick? Why not take a different position, since we might be able to pick up another solid tackle later? If Shanahan is convinced that Clausen is a franchise QB (or Bradford, if the whole McNabb to the Rams thing turns out to be true), why wouldn't we get him?
If the Rams make a trade for McNabb, will they still go Bradford or pick Suh? What happens to McNabb could impact the draft, especially for us.

Rams get McNabb then take a DT...will Bradford drop to us at #4? Putting McNabb on the table can change a lot. Chances are Cleveland and Seattle won't be interested.

I see them moving McNabb before the draft. How this will impact us depends on who takes him. Again, if Rams what team will or may get froggy and trade up for Bradford.

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