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For 12 Year-Old Astrophysicist Prodigy, the Sky's the Limit

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Apr 12, 2009
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Fairfax, VA

People with Apserger's Syndrome are very knowledgeable about their 'thing.' My son (not a classic Apsy but on the spectrum) is very into movies. When he was two years old he spelled his first word, 'PIXAR' with his magnetic letters. By the time he was four his pre-school had bought a whiteboard on an easel just for him so he could write credits on it. He's twelve now and he's a walking encyclopedia of movie trivia. You can ask him who was the Best Boy for the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still (or whatever) and he'll not only tell you, but he'll also tell you every single other movie that person worked on. My brother-in-law once joked he doesn't study IMDB, he IS IMDB. :)

There's a kid in his class who's 'thing' is professional wrestling. I met him once on a field trip he shook my hand and grabbed my arm. "He's checking your muscles to see if they are as big as John Cena's" my son told me afterwards. Another kid is into video games (no, really).

None of those kids, including my son, have above average IQs. But the level of knowledge they possess in their 'thing' is astounding. If one of them had a genius level IQ I cannot even begin to imagine what they could do with that knowledge.

Combine all that with the fact that this kid's 'thing' is science and he may very well change the world.


amazing! btw...I was watching some show several weeks ago in which it was mentioned that our moon moves closer to the sun each year by about an inch (i.e., further from mother Earth).

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