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Flynn, Luck, RG3, Kalil, & Blackmon gone, we're on the clock, our pick is...


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Jan 20, 2010
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Well, what do you think?
We were outbid for Flynn in the off-season, we could not out-bid anyone to move up into spots 1-5, we are sitting at the #6 pick, the clock is ticking, now what?

Is this indeed our "worst case scenario", as some are saying?
Don't say take Peyton, that is too late.
He got his $28 million signing bonus and they picked up Luck. Nice try.

Can we really only win if we have Flynn, Luck, RG3, or Peyton in a wheelchair behind center? We need a franchise QB, yes, but if we can't land one or any of these other guys then what? We also need a beast and depth on the O-line, a shutdown corner, and a playmaker WR to push us into an upper 3rd tier team in the league.

So, who do we take and why?
In that situation I would take Trent Richardson if he's still on the board. I know we have Helu or Royster but if you compare Richardson to either one of our RBs it is not even close who is more talented. I would hope we got a good free agent QB and I would take Tannehill or Foles in the 2nd round.

If Richardson if off the board too, I would take Morris Claiborne out of LSU. Let's face facts Hall is not a CB and Claiborne should be a shoutdown corner.
This is actually the most likely scenario. So we should heavily prepare for it.
And my answer would be trade down. Get extra picks and use them on receivers, DB's, O-lineman and a QB in a later round. There seems to be a lot of successful QB's recently that were drafted later.
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Kirkpatrick or trade down.
Morris Claiborne, Kirkpatrick, J. Martin (for obvious reasons - to fill holes) or trade down (using Richardson as the trade down bait).

For the record, I don't like this game....OR this scenario, no matter HOW likely it may be. :(
Trade down. There are three teams with two first round picks. Also, we could try to get an extra first rounder next year and grab someone like Matt Barkley.
Honestly, don't think this will happen. If Flynn is taken and Manning stays with the Colts, then two of the qb hungry teams are eliminated from the chase. That leaves us in the catbird seat.

For what I understand, Luck and Manning really should not co-exist and if the Colts go for Luck and dump Manning, they will have no cap room to address a really talent starved team. If Cleveland goes for Flynn chances are they will want to build around him. Having Flynn, RGIII and McCoy on the same team... No way in heck. The Rams are not giving up on Bradshaw, same with the Bucs. The Dolphins did too well with Moore to sacrifice what it would take to move up to RGIII.

But, if your scenario played out... I would trade down. I'd make sure I grabbed Tannehill with one of the picks and shored up the line and corner with the others.
Honestly, don't think this will happen. If Flynn is taken and Manning stays with the Colts, then two of the qb hungry teams are eliminated from the chase. That leaves us in the catbird seat.

For what I understand, Luck and Manning really should not co-exist and if the Colts go for Luck and dump Manning, they will have no cap room to address a really talent starved team.

Manning's career is rumored to be over
That could change things, but it's different than what I heard earlier which was that Manning could have played in December if needed... that's what I thought I read from the Manning camp anyway.
I did some more research on Kirpatrick and I am starting to lean that way too. He seems to be a great example of shutdown Corner. I like Josh Wilson a lot but what do we do with D Hall? Keep him around one more year or cut him? Does he have any trade value?
I am in the trade down camp. And I'd like to see us start with O-line for the first several picks and get some future stars in place there. I'm so tired of praying for no-name journeyman to be able to hold down an O-line position. We need to commit to having the best O-line in football.

I'll also say that I don't want to waste a pick on a project QB. If we're not drafting a starter, it's just a waste of a pick. If we aren't going to get our man in this year's draft, we wait until next year (which with all the holdouts may prove to be an equally good or better QB class) and find him then. And (throw all the insults you want at me) we could easily stay with Grossman at QB for another year. His play improved greatly down the stretch and we were competetive in most games.

RGIII or bust - that's what I want. If we aren't going to get him, then I prefer we wait at QB, as painful as that might be.
if we don't have a winning season next year , i can't see shanny being here for his 4th year no matter what snyder said ..tha time is now to win, i'm tired of losing every year..i mean what has it come too , wanting to lose so we can get a better pick in draft .. i feel like there's a curse on us ! just about every player we let go went on to have better career's with other teams for example ..brad johnson ,ryan clark, antonio pierce,greg williams ...even carlos rodgers can catch now what tha ...i say move up to get RG3 and change our luck for tha better ...this kid is going to be a star, i just hope it's for us !
I hear you 76...one thing though (which I've even had to internally lecture myself on the past several years) is that part of what got us to where we are as a franchise is Snyder's consistent reaches for 'short cuts' to winning. We've tried to buy a winning team by bringing in flashy free agents, we've tried to buy it by hiring the 'hot college coach', we've tried to buy it by bringing back a HOF coach, etc..

If we're really going to build a winning tradition again, one that lasts for decades, not a season or two, it is going to take time, patience, steadiness, and an understanding that it's never going to be about 'this season' or even the next. It has to be about the long haul.

That's a hard path, but I'm hoping we're back to doing things the 'old way', by earning it.
I liken it to the old saying about being over weight or out of shape...you didn't get where you are overnight so don't expect to get back overnight either.
Agreed, nice analogy.
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Mo Claiborne > Kirkpatrick, I'm just sayin.

In this scenario, trade down like last year. Sucks to not land RG3, but you move on and continue building the team.
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Claiborne won't make it to #6, Kirkpatrick will. That OT for Iowa Riley Reiff or Stanford's Jonathan Martin could be options too.
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This would be a nightmare scenario for us. However if it were to play out that way I think we'd be best off trading far enough down to get another 1st rounder next year that we could then use to move up and get Barkley. We'd then need to fill the QB slot with some bum from F.A. since nobody wants to see another year of Grossman behind center.
will if we dont get RG3 then i see us moving back pile up some picks and take weeden in tha 3rd so that way if he dont pan out we dont lose that much and in first round take aslon jeffery or micheal floyed or even kendal wright to complement hankerson ..oline got better towards tha end ..so i think will be alright with a pick up here or there ...whether it be in free agency or in tha draft ...we need some play makers on offense ...

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