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Fish out of water stories


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Jul 16, 2011
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Had one today and thought thought it was worth sharing. Feel free to add your own.

So, about two o'clock at the radio station I'm asked to cover a choral event at the Kennedy Center. I agree and begin to collect my gear. The exec producer adds that while I'm there to cover the event, the real purpose is for me to grab an interview with the ambassador who's hosting the thing.

I protest that I'm not dressed to meet an ambassador. I came in that day wearing jeans and an okay collared shirt. They respond by pointing to their own clothes and say that no one really dressed (it's the great thing about radio). So, I agree to go and head on down.

The concert is fine and I escape early so I can go to the reception and find the ambassador when he appears. Well, I was right. Not only was I under-dressed for the Kennedy Center and meeting an ambassador, the event was a black tie affair.

I button up my overcoat and smile and make sure I have my mic prominently in my hand. I may have been a fish out of water, but I got the interview... and the ambassador's respect.

It was a damn fine interview. The clothes do not make the man.
I got married a few months ago after 43 years of being single.
I'm generally a well-liked, very amiable person. But I have found on BGO that I'm considered persona non-grata by quite a few...its definitely a new experience for me. :)
Aah! You're not that bad Lanky. You just like to push buttons that's all!

Oh and talk about fish out of water, I am 43 and I will have my first child in about 5 and a half months.
I have a few. After I destroyed my knee for the first time in the Army, I became addicted to the Vicodin they had put me on for several weeks. It slowly but surely spiraled out of control to the point where I became so addicted that I was making excuses to go to thew doctor to get my prescription extended. For several years, I was a drug addict. Popping painkillers, smoking pot nearly every day, and pretty useless.

One day I had a wakeup call when I took a Percocet, and it got lodged in my throat on the way down. I wasn't choking on it, it was just stuck. I kept trying to swallow it, but it wouldn't budge. By the time I got some water to wash it down, it had dissolved. The reason that was a bad thing, is because this particular instance it was a time release capsule, so I had just absorbed it all at once. It hit me so hard I had to be taken to the hospital. I honestly thought I would die before I got there.

When I was released, I decided enough was enough, and it scared me into quitting everything. After I had been sober for a year, I got a job as a Corrections Officer. Working at a prison was great, but here's why I felt like a fish out of water - I was an Officer at Indian Creek Correctional Center. One of the largest drug rehabilitation programs within the entire United States prison system was housed within the walls of Indian Creek. It was a prison with murderers and rapists here and there, but most of the inmates were drug offenders. And wouldn't you know it, several of my old drug buddies and dealers were inmates. Awwwwwwwwkkkkkwaaaaaaaarrrrrrd.

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