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Finished the Honda


Was hoping to get some input on what you all think. I know a lot of you are more of the muscle car hate import type, but anything is appreciated. Not everyone likes the same thing.

It's just a stock Honda, but it's all JDM, meaning it's what you would get if you bought it in Japan. IE; the motor makes more power, the suspension is better, bigger wheels (optional 5 lug) and some other stuff.

Just stock as I said, more of a clean car, something nice to look at. Have already had some low 10 second Honda's (back in 2004) and an 11 second cheap build Honda two years ago.

Thanks guys!

Little video:


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Now that's what I'm talking about. :)

Well done. Do you have any other projects forthcoming? Look forward seeing any other work that you have done or plan to do in the future.
Thank you.

Nothing forthcoming, the wheels for the car are suppose to ship out Monday from CCW, so I might get some shots of it with them on when it's done, but as of right now that's it. Just want a clean car, nothing insane.
Not bad.....for a rice burner :D

Since you're an import guy, maybe you can explain this to me. What is the obsession that most Honda owners have with the glasspack muffler? I have asked people before, but their answer is a lie. They always say it makes it sound like you have a bigger, more powerful engine.

I say that's a lie, because as anyone with ears can tell you, it simply isn't true. It makes it sound like a super powered weedeater. Big bad engines have a deep growling rumble, not a high pitched squeal. Again, just wanting your opinion so I can gain some insight on the appeal.

Back on topic though, your car looks pretty sweet. Thank you for not painting it neon orange or fuchsia and putting an airplane wing on it for a spoiler lol.
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Well first off, the Honda sounds so loud in that video because it didn't have the cat on that, but I'm sure you probably knew that, just pointing it out.

In all honesty, I think most people (kids and idiots) with Honda's don't have a clue, they just buy parts because they think it's going to make their cars faster or sound better. Honda's will always sound like a "weed eater" because of the VTEC as well as high we rev out, most of the muscle cars and American cars today top out at around 5,000?

Most of the real loud Honda's are the all motor cars, they have very high compression, some 15:1, they get loud. I'm more of a turbo guy myself so just give me a nice straight 3" pipe (even though the exhaust is never hooked up).

I hate the idiots as much as you do, I'm a clean, fast car kind of guy, don't like the stickers, body kits or other useless junk.

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