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Faneca released by the Jets

I do not think he fits the ZBS. I doubt he is athletic enough to be in this kind of system.
I think he's more of a power blocking guy, but sign him vet min for line meat anyway.
Without question. Sure he's old, but he's better than Artis Hicks. And if he's not, he's pretty solid depth.
I'm down, so long as we apply the Johnson-Parker method(paying him little up front). Probably a quality depth guy, and a good guy to have around when you've got three young linemen to mold into NFL quality starters.
Ex-Steelers stay away from Washington.........

Because of Grimm and Whisenhunt there seems to be a trickle of players back and forth between Arizona and Pittsburgh.

And the Steelers seem to be recalling their former players like Randle El and Larry Foote.
I wish folks would get over this 'the guy is over 30' business :)

2010 free agency is about players that are all 29-30 years old and older because the rules in the uncapped year prevented the 4th and 5th year players from becoming unrestricted.

So, the 'normal' rules from years past didn't apply.

As long as Shanahan keeps the contracts short and bases them on incentives, who cares how old some of these players are?

Didn't Darren Sharper just win a Super Bowl at 34? Didn't Brett Favre come within a hair's breadth of making it to one at 41? Wasn't that 34 year old Peyton Manning we saw out there for the Colts?
I agree Bulldog. As long as the guy is known for taking care of his body, eating properly, and working out, they can play into their mid 30's and beyond. Look no further than our own London Fletcher.

Although, I do not think QB's are fair comparisons to the rest of the field because in theory they should not get hit as much, although some of their hits are fairly violent.
I wish folks would get over this 'the guy is over 30' business :)
All this is true, but it's all about probabilities.

In other words, not all players will be less effective after 30, but there is a greater chance of a 33 year old being less athletic/more susceptible to injury than a 25 year old. That's just a fact.

I still think that generally, you are building for the future when you acquire young talent through the draft and you are building for now when the balance shifts towards 30+ year old talent taken thru free agency.
so, would you have been happier trading up for Sam Bradford and then having no Trent Williams and no young upgrades on the OL? :)

hey, it's a choice, granted. but as another poster noted, a 33 year old quarterback is not the same as a 33 year old linebacker or corner.

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