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ESPN Poll - Who's responsible for the struggles


It's just a fan poll, gives you an idea of what people outside of redskins nation think.

SportsNation: Sports Chats, Polls, Trivia, and More - ESPN

What do you think of the Redskins firing coach Mike Shanahan?
Good decision

Bad decision
10,309 voters

Who bears the most responsibility for the Redskins' struggles in 2013?
Robert Griffin III

Mike Shanahan

Daniel Snyder
137,833 voters

Should Robert Griffin III be the Redskins' franchise quarterback?

9,518 voters
the 36% who voted no on RGIII as the QB? all dalASS fans.
Yeah, the follow up question to them should have been, "So, did your mother have any children that lived?"

how can that be done if they don't know who in the brothel is their mother?
how can that be done if they don't know who in the brothel is their mother?
Damn! You're right!

Oh well, I know this. If that dog hadn't beat the chimp over the fence, they wouldn't know their Daddy either.
Shanahan stepped to the podium in 2010 and said he would be the decision maker regarding personnel and overall football operations.

So, I blame him.

It's really that simple.
BSPN is full of trolls and people who will vote against your team just because they hate them. I find no legitimacy in believing what "RomoRulz459" from Arlington thinks about MY team.

This is true, except that RomoRulz459 is most likely from Albany. He probably couldn't pick out Texas on a map.
Very few Cowboys frontrunners are actually from Texas. In fact few have even visited the state.
Most of the cowboys fans I've met here in Texas are actually realists, and are resigned to 8-8 for the rest of Romo's Dallas career.

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The last time I was in Texas Stadium for a game most of the fans I ran into were from Oklahoma.

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