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Enough Doom and Gloom


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Feb 1, 2010
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I know, I know. The coaching staff made a fool of McNabb. McNabb set back quarterbacking 50 years. The offensive line is (fill in the blank: a sieve, swiss cheese, just plain sucking, etc). Our coaches are more concerned with their ego and legacy than winning the game. Snyder is short. Those God-awful Burger King commercials are still running. I've never had an erection last 4 hours.

Er, wait. Where was I?

Ah, yes! Life sucks. When the Redskins lose, especially to bad teams, the following Monday is gloomier. I know.

But you know what makes me smile a little?


I think I saw that Arkansas and TCU have won more games in Jerry-world than the Cowboys have.

There. Doesn't that make you feel a little better?
I never felt bad because I didn't expect much from this team this year anyway. As I said in another thread, I only predicted 6-10 for the year. If they do better, that's great.

But after yesterday.................
Four wins halfway into the season for this Redskin team is a heck of an accomplishment. I've made no bones about my opinion that we shouldn't have traded picks away for McNabb, but I don't see the sky falling after this game. It's not like we didn't know there was very little talent on the offensive side of the ball before we played the Lions. We can lose any game and we can win any game this season, and I think that will get us to around 8-8 ... or 4-4 after eight games.

Now if we went 1-6 during a year in which we were expected to go deep into the playoffs, that would be too depressing to bear. :)
If you are a Redskins fan and a Democrat, this week's really going to suck. :anonymous:

Luckily I vote right or "R".

Had a couple Cowboy fans come by today. They tried to sneak in and out without seeing me, but no luck. Love it when they come in and know they are whipped!
I’m no Doom and Gloomer. I think this team is right about where it should be, not horrible, but not great either. Some of the things I had hoped to see to this point in the season haven’t come to pass and other things seemed to be playing out better than I hoped.

For every plus this season there seems to be a minus.

+ LaRon Landry is finally being used properly and is becoming a force
- Carlos Rodgers still can’t catch
+ Albert Haynesworth is a force when he plays
- He doesn’t seem to get enough snaps (yet)
+ We beat the Packers, Eagles and Cowboys
- We lost to the Rams and the Lions
+ We have a kick/punt returner who is a legit threat
- Our kick coverage stinks
+ McNabb has provided some stability at QB and can make plays with his feet
- His throwing accuracy and decision making is still in question at times
+ Ryan Torain seems to be at least a nice fill-in back and spot starter
- We refuse to commit to the run

I could go on and on. We all knew this wasn’t going to be a quick fix. I guess somewhere all of us were hoping that we could cheat the odds and be more than the sum of our parts. That hasn’t happened yet. I hoped this past Sunday would be the time for that to happen (I was wrong) and I still think this team will put a complete game together at some point this year. I see the effort, but effort alone isn’t always enough. At this point though, I’ll take it.
545. Before 6pm.

I'm going way the hell over.

That's conservative.

I'm expecting five raving mods, four members leaving, three perma-bans, two stern warnings, and one thread being locked.

Happy Holidays. :biggrin2:
Thing is, I find a season where you are continually teased, where every time you tiptoe up to success, you fall through a false ceiling, much harder to take than abject failure. When you're having one of those miserable, it's-over-before-it-started seasons, as Dallas is, there's some comfort knowing you aren't going anywhere. It's decided and you can come to terms with it. We likely aren't going anywhere this year either, so is that really any more significantly better than being a doormat? I don't find it much more satisfying.

Our guys could easily - and I mean EASILY, be 6-2 and in the catbird seat in the NFC East.Yeah, I know...they could also easily be something worse.

But I feel a lot of pain seeing where we are, and the promise of where we could have been. That just eats at me.

You'd think I'd know better by now, wouldn't you?
Naaahh it's just the nature of being a fan. Logic tells us one thing but we just can't help but hope for the best, or at least I can't.

I thought going into the season 8-8 would be about as good we could hope for with all of the obvious issues the team had, but I never and I mean NEVER pick against the Skins in any weekly pool I play in. I just can't bring myself to do it. I can always rationalize a way we can win and don't know if I could pick against the team and somehow secretly believe that we'll lose.

This team is going to be fine. It's just going to take a few years to cross all the t's and dot all of the....lower case j's.
Boone, respectfully disagree. There is something frustrating, maddening, irritating, but also, dare I say it, enjoyable about this team. Yes, for three hours on Sunday, and 24 hours after, I might want to throw things around my living room. But, it is nice being in literally every game. Like you said, 6-2 is very possible. Would it be better, more fun, more enjoyable to be the 2007 Pats and blow everyone out? Maybe so. But there is something to this team, the fight, that i am enjoying.

Having said all that, there is NO fight in Dallas this year. Every Cowboys fan I have spoken with is flat out embarrassed to admit to be a Boys fan. Yeah, this loss and the Rams loss hurt. But we were still fighting. The Cowboys can't say the same thing.

Again, all due respect, but I would MUCH rather be a Skins fan this year.

And every year, come to think if it,
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I've enjoyed many of the games we've played this year Goal - but if you enjoyed Sunday's, you've seriously got some sadomasochistic thing going. That was an ugly, brutal, thoroughly unsatisfying experience in my opinion. I actually regretted wasting 3 hours watching it.

I'm not really saying I'd rather be a Dallas fan this year. I'm saying, those mocking them will be sitting at home watching other teams in the playoffs just like the Dallas fans in December/January. I'm tired of the 'it could be worse' argument. I do recognize though, the Shanahans deserve 3-4 seasons to get this thing right, and that's as it should be.
Well, I must admit I'm probably much closer to Goaldeje's perspective than others might be. I have fun watching the Redskins this season, something I can't honestly say happened very much last season. The team is of course beset with a slew of problem areas that will take time to get fixed, and Boone, I absolutely did not enjoy the Lions game very much at all.

However, seeing Landry doing his thing at SS, or giggling every time Brandon Banks flashes past people on a 45 yard return-I went nuts when he ran that kickoff back for a TD, I just love this guy, he's exciting. Or watching London Fletcher harrassing a QB-or gasping for breath as DeAngelo Hall shredded Jay Cutler and the Bears with INTs-seeing things I didn't get to see last season because they weren't there feels good.

Last season I came close to losing all hope for the Redskins-I was almost at the point of dismissing them as a lost cause. Another Oakland. Or Cleveland.

Last season the Redskins were the worst thing I can imagine. They were boring.

Not now. Not this season. We're better. In between the mistakes, bad execution, bad play calling, missed INTs, opposing LBs streaming through the OL-between those I'm seeing flashes of really good stuff. We're getting better in a spotty, incoherent, almost random sense-but we're a better team than we've been and it a work in progress that may take another season or two.

But in the meantime-I'm having fun watch the team again.

Part of it is that I never expected a sudden dramatic blossoming into a suddenly excellent playoff contender because I had no reason to. Instead I expected a gradual improvement from bad to average to good to very good. It looks like the climb up the learning curve of "How to be an excellent football team" right now is going in spurts, fits-and-starts, some parts working when others don't and seldom the same parts at any given time. That just seems the way it's going to flow. I do believe it will come together-perhaps not as quickly as some might like-but I'm o.k. with the fact that at last we seem to be going in the right direction.
The difference with this season so far is that I've gone into every game thinking we had a chance to win. I couldn't say that last season. What's maddening is that we're good enough to be 6-2 and yet, perhaps we're really not.

I'm frustrated by not being quite sure if McNabb is still learning the system or he's just being McNabb, and an older version of him at that. I'm also frustrated by the fact that the benching, not to mention Shanahan's "conditioning" comment, could be enough for him to decide he doesn't want to come back here next year.

It's not Doom and Gloom but there isn't exactly joy in Mudville either.

but I want to see sustained progress. doesn't matter what the start and end points are.....just progress as the season unfolds. right now......well...you know the rest.

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