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Ending of Falcons/Seahawks Has Me Smiling


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
Great finish to this game. Seattle comes all the way back to lead the game 28-27 for LESS THAN ONE MINUTE and then loses when a phantom timeout is called to ice the kicker before he goes on to shank his first attempt. His second attempt? Straight down the middle of the uprights. :2thumbsup:

But Pete Carroll's reaction to the timeout call was truly priceless :rifle:
I hope he gets called out on that. Guy calls a timeout on film for all to see - then when it doesn't work out for him, tries to convince the referee that they didn't call a timeout. Dishonest SOB.
If Seattle had lost 20-0 it wouldn't have been as sweet. With 31 seconds left you KNOW Seattle fans were pouring shots and talking about being a team of destiny. And then it was over before it really ever began.

Couldn't have happened to a better group of trash talkers and front runners.
Like Wilson and Lynch, hate their corners, coach and most of their fans. Watched the end at lunch and got to laugh out loud as all of their fans started whining about the refs, calling for the head of the coach, blaming the defensive coordinator.... You know the same crap that happens after every one of our losses. Great game! BETTER FINISH.
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I am only now catching my breath. I've never cried over a football game until I went to hug my Dad and saw tears in his.
I ALMOST did the dirty bird! Hahahah

Good luck next week, bro. Im pulling for you!
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Thanks man, I appreciate it. We're going to be in our seats early and loud. We've got to keep kaepernick in check, and not let him break off a run. If John Abraham can get healthy this week, I will feel a lot better about our chances. Either way, its going to be a slug fest.
I was laughed at yesterday when I suggested that the Falcons would win the NFC. While they have a tough game ahead of them, there chance comes because they play at home. I wouldn't give Atlanta much chance in San Fran.

Oh and go home Pete Carroll.
Couldn't have happened to a better group of trash talkers and front runners.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Rarely have I seen a team and a fanbase so quickly turn loathsome for winning a few games.
Took the words right out of my mouth.

Rarely have I seen a team and a fanbase so quickly turn loathsome for winning a few games.
Its amazing how many Seahag fans came out of the woodwork. They are like cockroaches, they very quickly scurried back out of sight after the loss. A buddy of mine, who grew up in Seattle, all of a sudden turned into this seahawking douche last week. Dude has never talked football with me one time before then. Pretenders, all of them.
I also was so glad to see the **** hawks get beat! Pete Carroll is a complete pile of steamy dog ****. Like others have said I also like Wilson and Lynch, but the rest and their fans can screw off
Props to Wison.....he's real.

**** Seattle!
PC's arrogance to go for it on 4th down in the first half cost him the ball game...sure, they were down by three scores, but one field goal in the first half would have won that game for them.

I hope they have a long, miserable off-season contemplating those poor coaching decisions.

Was great to see John Fox be too conservative today and Pete Carroll **** the bed by trying to be the tough guy.

It makes me kinda value our current coaches because we are sometimes both but rarely too much of either.

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