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End of the Line For a Small Friend (JumboTron merge)


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Jul 15, 2009
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I originally saw it mentioned over at ES but according to the Sports Bog it's finally official. The TinyTron at Fedex Field is a dead board walkin'.

So please allow me to briefly eulogize the Redskins' ode to nanotechnology, the Netbook screen of NFL stadiums, AKA TinyTron.

Yes, "Tiny" or "Litebrite" as he was not so affectionately known to his family and close friends touched all who knew him. From the squints and eyestrain he brought to the upper decks, to the snickers and laughter he often gave opposing teams' fans, Tiny was known as a truly a generous soul. However in a sad and ironic twist of fate, Tiny's days were numbered after he gave Dan Snyder one gift too many, i.e. a major case of penis envy over Jerruh's 160 x 72 foot monstrosity.

So it is with a LiteBrite heart that I say to you, goodbye old friend. Sadly, we knew you much too well and you will not be missed. At all. Not even a little bit. Really. :cool4:
New Redskins hi-def video screens in 2010

As anyone who has been to a Redskins game at FedEx Field knows, the game day experience sucks. Apart from the fact that the product on the field is dismal [unless you're a fan of the visiting team, which is an all-too-common occurrence these days], the prices are far too high from everything from parking to hot dogs and it's hard to see the action on the field unless your seats are very close. [I've always used binoculars.] Dan Snyder is trying to fix at least one of those problems by installing two new large high-definition video screens on either end of the field for the 2010 season.
Read about it.
I love the dig at Jerrah - "punter-proof."

However, my question is this: if they are 3000 square foot screens, does that mean we're gonna have 2000 square feet of advertising surrounding 1K of football?
What about the cartoon guy with his fists pounding downward as "DE-FENSE" is displayed on the bottom? :cry:
Yay....the lite-brite is gone.
Replays, watchable screens and readable other games scores are coming.

They keep this up, the only thing I'll have to complain about at FedEx is the Redskins.......

.......I doubt it, but one can hope.

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