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Eagles/Rams Matchup Week 1


Figured it would be fun if I talked about the Iggles and their trials and tribulations throughout the 2011-2012 NFL season.

Note: I am not a blogger, professional sports analyst or an expert on football. There are times where I will write something and it will sound stupid. I apologize in advance. This is just my opinion. Feel free to pick it apart, agree, disagree, etc.

Everything written for this matchup is based solely on the things I saw during preseason and thinking back to what I saw last season when I watched the Eagles and what little bit I saw of the Rams.

I don't like having to go on the road to open the season ever as Andy Reid is a notoriously slow starter. Reid's record through the first 4 games of the season is 30-22. He is 5-7 in Opening Day games. There have been some doozies.

The 2003 debacle in which the Eagles lost to Tampa in the first game at the Linc. In 2005 they lost to the Falcons 14-10 in Atlanta. Before the game there was a huge fight and Trotter was ejected. They ran all over our asses. In 2007 the FIASCO in Green Bay with Greg Lewis (!!!) returning punts. He muffed one and it was recovered by Green Bay. The rest is history.

The point I am making is Reid is generally slow to start and strong to finish. So this game could very easily be an L for the Eagles. I always hate the start of the season because I am expecting sloppy play and general unpreparedness from my team. It's been a trend and I don't expect that to suddenly change.

On paper they should win. But the Rams have a young Sam Bradford (who looked like a stud last year) and they've got a strong running game. With the Eagles weak at the LB they could see a healthy dose of Steven Jackson. I think the Eagles will generate a decent pass rush and be able to force a pick or two from Bradford and hopefully turn those into some points.

As far as the Eagles offense goes I am unsure of how it will play out. I don't know enough about the Rams D but Spags is a defensive mind so I am sure he will have them ready to go. It will be pass heavy as always with Andy Reid and I'm not informed enough on the Rams secondary to speak about it.

My prediction:

Eagles 24
Rams 17
So the Eagles won 31-13 but it wasn't pretty.

They settled down after the first quarter but overall I thought their performance was meh (save for Shady McCoy, who is an absolute beast). And a shout out to DeSean Jackson. He was also on point.

The LBs are bad. Matthews needs to be benched. He's not ready to start at this level. Vick looked "meh" throwing the ball. He threw into a lot of good coverage and probably should have been picked off once.

The Oline looked bad in the beginning but settled down a bit I thought. I think if they don't mess with these guys they can have time to gel and get better. I'd take a wait and see approach on the oline.

I don't want to **** all over a win, I'll take it, I just think this team needs to get a lot better. I'm worried about those LBs.
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Man, if Kendricks doesn't get the dropsies, he might have scored twice and made me look like a fantasy genius. Damnit!

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