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Duke players offended by Miami's floor-slap during their epic beatdown

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Lanky Livingston


ICYMI, Duke suffered the worst loss in program history the other night (EDIT: one of the worst losses in the last 30 years, not in program history), at the hands of the Miami Hurricanes. Coincidentally, the Hurricanes had never beaten a number one ranked program, and absolutely handed Duke their asses by around 25 points.

Well, towards the end of the second half, the Hurricanes did Duke's patented "floor slap" on defense, to mock the almighty DOOKies. Now these holier than though, smarmy pricks are all "offended," and ready to retaliate at Cameron. Here, DOOKies, allow me to accompany your sad, sad tale with the world's smallest violin!

I place DOOK on the same level of Belicheat and the Cheatriots in terms of smarmy prickitude; I'm surprised Coach K did a postgame interview. :)



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Apr 12, 2009
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So why does Duke do the floor-slap?

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