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Dude missed that field goal


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Jan 8, 2010
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Wheatland, ca
I watched the replay in 1080i resolution and paused the kick it was a skosh to the right. I can't find a visible link to the kick in overtime. Skins got hosed:moon:
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I had my doubts too (as did my Cowboys fan friend who was over for the game) but never saw a replay that I considered conclusive.
The ball clearly goes over the top of the pole. If I remember correctly, the rule states if the ball goes over the top of the end of the pole like that, the kick is good. Sorta like the ball hitting the foul pole in baseball.

Also, a ball that goes over the top of the goal post is not eligible for review.
Phil Dawson had the exact same type of kick called "no good" in the Cleveland - Jacksonville game yesterday and he was yelling at the ref that it was over the top of the upright and should have been called good. Too bad we didn't have those refs. :(
It looked no-good to me either, but what are you gonna do? Maybe if Novak...I mean Suisham...I mean Hall...crap I mean Gano had gotten either of his two-misses anywhere near the uprights, it would be a non-issue. :(
The refs are standing right under the posts. They have the very best angle, in the highest definition (reality) to see the ball. I have no doubt it was good.

However, if there was a mistake I'm sure we'll hear about it soon enough. That's something the Redskins (or any team for that matter) would lodge a formal complaint about if it were called incorrectly.
London (& Kerrigan) were arguing emphatically with the ref after the game. London has changed their minds before, since he clearly knows the rules and game better than those hacks. I really thought they might review it, since they supposedly review all scores. Or, is that only TD's? That's the way it's gone this year. If that was our FG, it would have been no good.
I believe they only review Touchdowns, not all scores. And I have yet to see a replay of that kick that I would consider to have indisputable visual evidence, certainly nothing that I would stand on to overturn the ruling on the field.

While I might have my doubts about whether it was good or not, I don't believe a review would change it.
I don't know why they don't put an RFID chip or something similar in the football, which would remove all doubt about whether or not it crosses the goal line and when (read: before or after a knee goes down) and also whether or not its completely inside the outer-boundary of the uprights. It would eliminate all human error from these hack refs.
I finally found the rule for a FG in the NFL rule book.

Section 4 Field Goal
Article 1
Successful Field Goal. A field goal is scored when all of the following conditions are met:

(a) The kick must be a placekick or dropkick made by the offense from behind the line of scrimmage or from the spot of a fair catch (fair-catch kick). If a fair catch is made or awarded outside the inbounds line, the spot of the kick is the nearest inbounds line.

(b) After the ball is kicked, it must not touch the ground or any player of the offensive team before it passes through the goal.

(c) The entire ball must pass through the vertical plane of the goal, which is the area above the crossbar and between the uprights or, if above the uprights, between their outside edges. If the ball passes through the goal, and returns through the goal without striking the ground or some object or person beyond the goal, the attempt is unsuccessful.

According to this, we got ****ed. Not surprisingly if you had watched any of the game's officiating. Unfortunately, it wasn't reviewable.....

Note: Non-reviewable plays include but are not limited to:
1. Status of the clock

2. Proper down

3. Penalty administration

4. Runner ruled down by defensive contact (not involving fumbles)

5. Forward progress not relating to first down or goal line

6. Recovery of a loose ball that does not involve a boundary line or the end zone.

7. Field-goal or Try attempts that cross above either upright without touching anything.

8. Inadvertent Whistle

In other words, even if the replay official thought it was a bad call, it cannot be reviewed.

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