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Draft Prospect Thread

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It is done.

Lanky Livingston


Thought this would be a good place for all the Redskins' draft prospects, instead of starting a new thread for each one. Read an article on HogsHaven about JJ Watt from Wisky:


Climbing a lot of draft boards, and might be available in the 2nd round. 10 is probably a reach though. It is IMPERATIVE we trade down in this draft...so vital. So many guys we could use, but that are a stretch at 10.


Nov 17, 2010
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Hogs heaven is not a good source, we dont need to see what sort of de "drops into coverage" ? what does that even mean?

JJ Watt doesnt fit what green bay does with its DE's or what we want from ours, as haslett has said he wants big guys 310-320 who take up space, eat blocks and demand double teams. thats why Jarmon is a waste in this system too.

Its tough to figure out who we will draft because we are pretty much locked into drafting guys based on measurables who will have to convert, ( few college DE's are 300 pounds plus).

I think we pretty much have to draft Olinemen, because Olines need to gell. we also NEED a NT, or we shouldnt bother to even play next season. when building a 3-4 you need OLB and NT to run a green bay or steelers type system, you can look for De's or convert DT's but we hjavent shown that ability thus far.

I want Oline, Oline and more Oline trying to fix every hole means you fix none of them quickly.

if we dont draft a center and a guard this draft (unless we fluke oput and get Kalil) I will lose my mind. lol.

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