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draft 2010


The 1st Round Pick
Jul 16, 2009
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Despite their glaring needs along the offensive line the Redskins will likely be looking for a quarterback with this pick. Washington’s flirtations with Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez last offseason were a clear signalthat they didn’t believe Jason Campbell was the long-term answer under center and his play in 2009 has done nothing to change that perception. With Campbell set to become a free agent and no obvious successor on the roster it would be a shock if the Skins didn’t aggressively pursue a top signal caller. Jevan Snead of Ole Miss enjoyed a breakout sophomore campaign and entered his junior season with a lot of buzz but he got off to a slow start and the talk of him being a Top 10 pick cooled. However, Snead still has all of the physical tools you look for in a pro quarterback so he should be able to turn things around and reestablish himself as an early first round prospect. If not Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen has been turning heads and is nipping at his heels. If the Redskins did go in another direction here they would likely opt for a blocker because their starter / backup combo of Stephon Heyer and Mike Williams at right tackle is as ugly as any in the league.

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I haven't done my homework yet, but I really, really really want a OT with the 1st round pick.

Why do I have a feeling if we take a QB in the 1st it will be Jimmy Clausen?

Oh yeah, b/c both Vinny and Larry Michael are both huge Notre Dame guys.
The first pick will be a quarterback, bank on it.

Mike Shanahan will want to start fresh with a qb he can groom in his system.

If the year is uncapped I can see the Redskins going out and replacing Rabach at center and working to upgrade on the right side.

Heyer is a capable backup OT that can come in for a game or two as a fill-in but is not a 16 game starter.

Rinehart really hasn't shown that he is worthy of an NFL roster spot.
I am afraid that we will end up spending too much to get someone like Snead. I think that we will finish somewhere outside the top 10 picks in next year's draft and it would cost too much to get this kid, provided he continues to improve.

Please! Please! Please!!!!!! Whoever takes over this team or if the current structure stays in place, you MUST concentrate on drafting offensive lineman!!!!

Russel Okung - OSU - Apparently this guy held Brian Orakpo in check in a head to head match up last year.

Bryan Baluga - Iowa - This kid missed a few games this year due to illness, but is very highly ranked.

Ciron Black - LSU - Big, strong and consistent.
Just say no to Jevon Snead. No, no, NO. I think if we DO hire Shanahan, he will go for someone like Jake Locker out of UDubb or Riley Skinner out of Wake Forest.

I also think we need to draft a stud OT...but this draft is the deepest in years, and we're probably going to have a pretty high pick. Should be some stud OL left until the late 2nd round. :)
Well I don't know much about Snead, but I will say he didn't impress me in the one game I saw him play versus South Carolina. I'm all for going the OL route.
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We will move up in the draft to pick Tim Tebow. Snyder has to make a splash.
I love how Shannahan has already been hired and we have already decided what he is going to do with the team.

has Mike even talked to Snyder?

Its a hypothetical situation. But to anyone paying attention, it gets more and more likely each week. The hiring of Sherm Lewis could be Zorn's death knell. However, I think the hiring of Sherm Lewis points more to Holmgren getting hired than it does to Shanahan.
We will move up in the draft to pick Tim Tebow. Snyder has to make a splash.
Hey, Sellers isn't getting any younger so we need a FB too. :)

wasn't it "likely" that Gregg Williams was going to take over? Didn't we think we were going for Cowher too?

ehh..I guess that's what I get for trying to be in the now in a thread that is about 2010.
I know you're a "glass half-full" kind of guy Mike and I respect that. However, I don't think it will be too long before pretty much every Skins fan will be looking at the 2010 draft prospects.

Now maybe the Sherminator can help turn things around. However, my gut tells me that's not going to happen and that he's there to evaluate Zorn for Snyder as much as to improve the offense.
I think most of us think it's a natural thing to wonder about Mike. Doesn't make you an idiot. Just in the minority. Its easy logic. The Skins look awful=Zorn gone=JC gone=essentially starting over=next year's draft.

That doesn't mean every one of us isn't hoping against hope they do turn it around. But surely you would agree, it's not looking good.

When I watch the game on Sunday, I'll be hoping, praying, urging my Skins on like I have every game for the past 20 years. But I'm not going to ignore what I've seen so far this season - which is a pretty poorly performing team. If they turn it around, no one will be happier than me to have been utterly wrong.
It feels like it is impossible for some to just enjoy the season and the ups and downs that come along with it.

I honestly for the life of me can't understand how someone can be talking draft picks in 2010 when we are barely 1/4 of the way thru the season. We have the ability to pull things out, turn things around or even make some noise.

Mike, there are also those who can't understand how someone can "just enjoy the season and the ups and downs that go with it" with out voicing what they perceive to be done right, what isn't, what needs to be done, what doesn't-and what future moves might need to be made, in their judgement, to fix what is seen as broken.

The secret, I've discovered is this. Neither one is wrong.

Neither one is the "right" way to look at it because there is no such thing as a "right" way to look at it. We're different, football fans enjoy the game and their team differently. There is as much need for threads and discussions of who the Skins need to draft in 2010 as there is need for threads where somebody comments or points out-and cheers- every time the team is successful in any way. I do both-I'm an analyst and a "look for the upside" person at the same time. I love watching the Redskins make a really nice play-and I'll post about it. I'll also analyze numbers, techniques, play-calling, draft needs-and read everything I can here and elsewhere-I can to draw my own conclusions on what needs to be done, and, if appropriate, post on that as well. I'll complain and I'll praise. But I'll be pulling for the Skins whatever the circumstances-cause you never know-even I thought the Tampa Bay game was lost at halftime. I was delightfully wrong.

And, dammit, we need to draft help on that OL-IMHO-worse than anything else. Of course, that's just one person's opinion.:)
I just like talking draft. It's fun to play with scenarios and in many cases we'll never see.....

but it's nice to talk philosophy in team building and why some of us like player A vs. player B.

Whether the Skins pick #1 or #32, the hope is that we'll still have a 1st rounder to pick and hopefully he can make this team better, because there are a few positions that this team really could use upgrades (oline).

And I already like what we did with our 3rd rounder in 2010........
LOL, I remember seeing Riley Skinner playing as a true-freshman, and thinking how I'd like the Skins to draft him. I was thinking about the draft 3-4 seasons in advance!! Its not about enjoying or not enjoying the Skins season, Mike...its just about talking the draft.
I love how Shannahan has already been hired and we have already decided what he is going to do with the team.

has Mike even talked to Snyder?

I'll bet he has. Lewis is here to scout for someone, either Holmgren or Shanny
For years I've advocated dropping down to get more picks and linemen. Unfortunately it looks like this year we're going to need a QB. Whether we get that in the draft or free agency remains to be seen.

Either way we get a QB with a high pick and pick up crap linemen like we've been doing, or we move down and get linemen (Which I'll believe when I see) and pick up a QB in Free agency

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