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Dopey May Strike Again?


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Ugh, not crazy about these quotes. Hoping either there was something in his tone that doesn't translate into text, or that London or someone else gets in his face about this crap:

Redskins tackle Trent Williams raised some eyebrows yesterday when he said that he did not intend to make any changes to his lifestyle in the wake of last year’s four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

When asked about changing his ways, Williams said that he did not plan to do so.

“We’re dealing with the program,” he said. “They take certain amount of measures to make sure it doesn’t occur again. But not really.”

Given another chance to say he was going to alter his lifestyle to help ensure that the “measures” will be effective, he simply replied, “Nah.”

Williams’ responses have left some feeling less than confident that he will be able to avoid testing positive again. Such a result would lead to a one-year suspension for the Redskins’ starting left tackle.

On the one hand, it would be nice if Williams stayed home and watched TV and played video games every night. But it just isn’t realistic to expect any 23-year-old man to do that, especially one who happens to be a millionaire. Since he is going to go out at night all the team can do is hope that the program works and that Williams is able to make good decisions.

Williams’ future, and, to an extent, that of the franchise, rests on his ability to do so.
Hoping he just means NOT getting high doesn't require a lifestyle change, it just means NOT doing it. Period.

Still, it makes him look like a :dunce2:
Son of a...:furious: :furious2: I really liked the Compton pick. Hearing this, I'm liking it even more. Here's hoping he got dissed simply for being a small school guy and ends up becoming a starter for us.
Changing his lifestyle and never smoking pot again can both occur. Will he? That' remains to be seen, of course - but I'm sure he'll get a talking to from some vets after those comments.
I realize he is 23 or whatever and still very immature, but those quotes show a resounding lack of judgment that is worrisome at best. Not feeling great about the #4 overall pick right now...
From somebody who smoked grass for over 30 years, and quit some time ago, you don't have to change your lifestyle as part of quitting. It's not a lifestyle for many who partake... Quite often, it just like somebody who's a social drinker.
Hoping he just means NOT getting high doesn't require a lifestyle change, it just means NOT doing it. Period.

Judging by the way the question was asked, I don't think that's what Blunt Williams meant.

The question posed was whether his lifestyle would change to help ensure that the “measures” will be effective

When you add in that 2nd part of the question, it most definitely implies whether he planned on "not doing it"
I know we need a TE and Fred Davis has great potential, but had he been canned as a result of his actions last year, I bet you TW would have been singing a different tune.

There was no consequence for their actions...yeah, yeah, yeah 4 game suspension...blah, blah, blah. That is nothing for a young man who knows he will be right back on the field at the beginning of the following season. I mean, what's a 4 game suspension when it comes at the end of a season that is lost anyway? If I were a stoner and I found out I would be suspended at the end of a meaningless season, I might look at it as a nice extended vacation.

This is a failure of those in charge, yes Shanahan and Allen, to adequately punish these 2 and this is the result. How does our LT position look now? Maybe TW should have been the one cut.
This is a contradiction to other statements he has made recently.

I think he may be sick of discussing the issue and might have acted out on having to answer repetitive questions about the suspension.
From somebody who smoked grass for over 30 years, and quit some time ago, you don't have to change your lifestyle as part of quitting. It's not a lifestyle for many who partake... Quite often, it just like somebody who's a social drinker.

Probably true for just any random smoker, but in TW's case he might need to cut ties with all the buddies he's had follow him and stop hangin' with his old crowd. That's the change he needs to make if he wants to be serious about a career in the NFL.
A lot of the comments being made in this thread were also said about Sean Taylor, if I recall. Maybe with less vitriol since ST was a superstar, but they were said. Taylor turned his life around, and I don't see any reason why Williams can't as well.
Some of you guys worry way too much lol. Maybe Williams is tired of asking these questions. Maybe he quit smoking, but doesn't feel he needs to change his lifestyle, whatever that means. Why don't you guys wait to see how he looks on the field before you make your judgements.
Here maybe this will help you guys to calm down:


Posted at 12:17 PM ET, 05/07/2012
Trent Williams intends to become a better player and leader

By Mike Jones

Speaking for the first time since his four-game suspension for failing multiple drug tests last season, Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams said that he has learned from his mistakes and aims to become a better leader and player.

Trent Williams after a loss to Dallas last September (Toni L. Sandys/Washington Post)Williams, whom the Redskins drafted fourth overall in 2010, missed the final four games of last season, and since then has been enrolled in the NFL’s substance abuse program. He hadn’t spoken to reporters until Monday, while playing in teammate Brian Orakpo’s Leukemia Golf Classic.

Asked for his response to the incident, Williams said, “It is what it is. I made a mistake. I’ve just got to deal with it.”

Williams said he hasn’t had to make any specific lifestyle changes, but that he knows how to carry himself in the future..

“Be more of a leader,” Williams said. “Obviously not make the mistakes I made in the past. Just be a better player and lead by example.”

Williams said it was “tough having to watch (football) from the couch,” and that he’s glad to be able to return to the field for the team’s offseason practices and to begin preparing for this season.

“I can’t wait,” Williams said. “We’ve got a new quarterback, a whole new team. It’s going to be fun.”
Good point Lank, I was thinking similar about the situation.

The lifestyle of these guys, the effects of youth, big money, being a jock, cultural backgrounds and all that goes with it is well beyond our understanding.

Most of us can't understand why anyone would jeopardize all that they have to catch a buzz but if Stupid ever becomes illegal, then I suspect that all of us at one time or another would get busted.

Williams comes off, in my mind, as being a little less than committed to his craft of being a pro. He doesn't realize that being a pro is more than hitting the weights and beasting it up on the field. The pro keeps his stuff together off of the field so as not to screw his team, the fans and especially his team mates.

Like Sean, he may very well turn the corner and appreciate what he has but he may also evolve into another Haynesworth.

I think he's right at the crossroads and needs the opportunity pick the path, let's hope it's a good choice.
I don't think Williams is another Haynesworth. Haynesworth IMO has some emotional issues which on and off the field go way beyond the use of a recreational drug.

That said, again, Williams according to Shanahan has been diligent in taking care of his business since the suspension. I would imagine he knows more at this point.

Has someone been quietly sitting on Williams for the club in the offseason to see what he does? Who knows? Teams have done this before.

If anything Williams seems like an insecure guy that doesn't quite feel comfortable yet on the big stage in the NFL with high expectations.

His off the field behavior seems to reflect this need to escape.
Well, to date, Dumb-Dumb's play on the field hasn't been that much greater than Willie Smith's, dollar for dollar.

And, testing positive once, being told about it, knowing then that you're gonna be watched even closer, to light up again suggest you're either dumber than a bag of hammers, or, you have brain damage.

Since brain damage can't be proven at this point, it seems natural to assume that he is just a stupid ignoramus. Which inspires little confidence.

And please, a lot of Sean Taylor's so called "off the field issues" were due to poor reporting by the media of what was fact vs fiction. Our two retards, however, in fact, failed multiple drug tests. The last of which, they knew was coming.

As for play, Sean showed above average skills from the get-go. Trent has not. Not even close. Maybe he will someday, but Sean showed up ready for prime time.
Ax called it, his play hasnt been great and he didnt test positive once or twice I believe he tested positive TEN times. you have to be a special sort of stupid for that to happen when your entire livelihood depends on not smoking dope.

I dont agree with the prohibition of marijuana and think its stupid and hypocritical that front office and ownership doesnt get tested as well it doesnt enhance performance. BUT its is a rule and until that changes, these idiost need to smarten up.

I think if tests positive again, we should cut him. immediately.
He tested positive 10 times over two months. That doesn't mean he was smoking every day for 2 months - it could have been one time that stayed in his system. You guys are making him out to be this rastafari reefer-fanatic, when he might have just slipped up at a party or something during the lockout, when he wasn't being tested.

EDIT: And he his play hasn't been worthy of the #4 overall pick just yet, but then again he hasn't been Winston Justice giving up 6 sacks in one game bad either.

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