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Dexter Fans? *Spoiler Alert*

Happy hour starts in 5 minutes


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Apr 11, 2009
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Greensboro, NC

Marine Corps Virginia

Anyone addicted to 'Dexter' as I am?

Pretty good finale tonight. *Spoiler Alert* if you haven't seen it yet...

I figured he'd prevail against Trinity, with maybe some suspensful twists and turns along the way. But they definitely took a lot of dark turns in this one. First of all Debra finding out who Dexter really is (which of course is just a precursor to her connecting all the dots over the years and maybe putting together who he really is, one of the most intriguing possibilities for future seasons). Then, Dexter nearly getting caught at Trinity's house during the raid - I found it implausible that everyone bought his ruse there - he clearly had no way of knowing the raid was planned. I never understood (other than that he wanted to personally take the guy out) why Dexter didn't just turn the guy in, claim he'd spotted him and solved it himself - he'd have been a hero. Guess his 'dark passenger' wouldn't allow that.

And of course, the ending whammy, a little reminiscent of the 'Seven' ending a few years back (though not as shocking - we're probably harder to shock in 2009). I liked the full-circle they went for - that the moment Dexter commits to perhaps finding a way to suppress his homicidal side and doing what's right for his loved ones, his wife is butchered leaving their infant son to bathe in her blood just like Dexter once did. I'd question why Trinity would've left the infant alone - maybe he didn't know about him, he was asleep elsewhere, who knows....but it didn't fit what we knew about Trinity.

Interesting to see where we go from here. But I see the series getting a lot darker from here on out.

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The Commissioner
Joe Gibbs Club Member
Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

I just wonder why the end seemed like every other dream sequence I have seen from Dexter?
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The Team Captain
Dec 12, 2009
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Victoria, Australia

You should have put 'Spoiler' in the heading.

Season 4 has just started here (3 weeks in), and now, you've spoilt it for me :cry:


I am recording each episode so as to watch the whole season in one sitting (like I did with season 3).

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