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Dear Major League Baseball, You have an Umpire Problem

Lanky Livingston

This is starting to get UNREAL how badly the blown calls are this season. The "Human Element" is a joke!

The latest, from last night:

He doesn't even have the ball in his glove, and the ump is running over, signalling an out. Um...WHAT?

This one is from last night also, but its not nearly as bad. I can understand this one, as he misses the first swipe. He's clearly out, but I can at least understand the "human element" factor in this one.


Here are two more that have happened this year that blow the mind. The first, is from 5 days ago. Carlos Santana is thrown out (badly hopping throw) by about 6 feet. The 2nd baseman appears to bobble it for a second, then secure it, then eats a sandwich and drinks a beer, calls his mother, then Santana gets to 2nd base. The umpire calls him safe. Umm...WHAT?


Here is one from May, in which the umpire blows pop fly call. Another one I can soooorrrrt of understand, but still ridiculous.


Here's one in which the umpires simply are late to the field after a rain delay! You have ONE. JOB. Be ready when the damn rain delay is over. WTF?


Finally, this is the most egregious of the bunch:


This is indefensible. Unreal!

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