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DCSportsBog: Russ Grimm and the Hogs have a Party

Lanky Livingston


Maybe 30 minutes after the Hall of Fame induction ceremony ended on Saturday night, I wandered away from Canton's Fawcett Stadium, wriggled past the line for Jerry Rice's flashy reception, and stumbled directly into your childhood dreams.

At the center of the Russ Grimm after-party was a bar adorned with a large sign reading "5 O'clock Club." In one corner was a huge rendition of the iconic Hogs in Tuxedos poster, which all the offensive linemen eventually autographed. There were huge buckets everywhere filled with ice-cold cans of Bud Light, and towering platters of Redskins-themed chocolate cupcakes. Just about everyone in attendance was wearing some sort of burgundy and gold homage to the '80s.

And as you wandered around the tent, you would run into Joe Theismann and Neal Olkewicz, Joe Jacoby and Jeff Bostic, George Starke and Doc Walker, Donnie Warren and Jim Lachey, Bruce Allen and Bubba Tyer, Art Monk and Darrell Green, Dan Marino and Marcus Allen, Curtis Jordan and Ken Houston, Joe Gibbs and Joe Bugel.

"For Redskins fans like me, it's a dream come true, the start of the Hogs getting in," said Daniel Snyder, who hosted the party in Grimm's honor.

I don't want to pretend this event transported me back to my youth; you all know very well that I didn't grow up in D.C., with posters of Hogs on my bedroom walls. But when you see the Washington Post's archives come to life in front of you, see the men themselves step out of the highlight reels and stand in front of you with their arms around each other, maybe you start shivering a little bit, and not because of the temperature of those Bud Lights.
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glad to hear you had a great time Cranky! don't ask me why...but it just makes me smile...

now...can we get back to comfortable territory and pick a fight on sumthin?


The Franchise Player
Jul 15, 2009
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Columbia, SC

Agreed Mike. That's a party I'd remember the rest of my life.


The Team Captain
Joe Gibbs Club Member
Aug 3, 2009
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Falls Church, VA

Michigan State

Good for Russ and the rest of the hogs. Long overdue.

Looks like we may have an alternative picture for the top of the 5 O'clock Club forum:


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