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DCSportsBog: Michael Irvin on the Hogs and Russ Grimm


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Jul 15, 2009
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Columbia, SC
As much as I can't stand Michael Irvin, he gave a GREAT interview on why Russ Grimm belongs in the HOF

Michael Irvin and Russ Grimm overlapped in the NFL just for a few seasons, at the end of Grimm's career and the beginning of Irvin's. It was enough.

"I remember all of those years, watching, hearing about The Hogs," Irvin said, growling out the name. " And that picture of him [covered in blood], and the look, and they add the name to that - Russ Grimm - that scares half the league right there. You're good. You've got eight games right now. That name -- right now, you've got eight wins, and that's the truth.

"And you've heard it over and over again, everybody has always set their team by offensive lines, but none have grabbed a nickname that stuck like this, and that's an incredible thing. And it's hard, when you start talking offensive linemen, because there's no clear indications on how they do it. I've got catches, and Emmitt [Smith] has yards, and Troy [Aikman] has passes. So what sticks in your mind is that ability to move people, and actually intimidate people. That what makes them stick. They're The Hogs."

So I asked Irvin -- who's working on the NFL Network broadcast on Saturday -- whether the Hogs really intimidated people.

"Stop [messing] around," Irvin said. "Yeah, they intimidated people. You know they intimidated people."

Clink link for the rest of the article
For some reason he is at his best around this time of the year, when its the HOF.
I do hate Irvin with the fire of a 1000 burning suns...but this was pretty cool of him. I guess he still feels guilty about going into the HOF before Monk.
Irvin is saying a lot. The line he played with was at abut the caliber of the hogs in their prime so for him to say that about the Hogs, actually, goes a long way.
My favorite line: "And the name Russ Grimm. It's the perfect name. Here come the Hogs, man, and there's Russ Grimm. That's some scary [bleep]." :rotflmao:
what? F that line.

I dont care if Michael Irvin came in and recited a 45 minute speech about how much he loved Sonny, Gibbs, Riggo, etc. When he was done I would give him the same reaction. A big middle finger and the call sign "CRACKY!!"


Michael Irvin's HOF bust


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