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DC Sportsbog: Remembering Vinny Cerrato

Lanky Livingston


Eight things that I will never forget about the Vinny Cerrato Era. And yeah, this is dancing on the grave, but when a guy refuses to speak to the local media while interviewing ESPN personalities on his own radio show, you officially have permission to dance.

1) Drafting three pass catchers in the second round of the 2008 draft. Yes, they're now playing very well, but more than anything else, that bizarre day is Cerrato's lasting legacy in my mind.

"We were not going to jump down a round or two rounds to go get a need," Cerrato said that day. "We were going to take the best players. So, saying that, Fred Davis was the best player on our board at the time we took him. And after Fred went and a couple of guys went, Malcolm Kelly was the only guy with a first-round grade. He stuck out like a sore thumb. It was an obvious choice for us."

More than a year later, that still doesn't make any sense.

click link for the rest of the article.

3) The iconic images of him sitting next to Daniel Snyder, watching training camp. There are many of these.

"It was a unique relationship between Vinny and the owner, obviously," Larry Michael said on ESPN 980 Thursday morning. True, that.

Kinda creepy if you ask me.
Looks like Vinny has been working overtime fetching the danny too many Krispie Kremes
Remembering our cousin Vinny? Let's not and say we did. GACK!! :(
I wonder if Vinny might try to resurrect his acting career?
I will try hard not to! :toilet:
Hey, he'll have lots of time for his radio gig now. Unless his usefulness to teh stationis over due to him no longer being an insider

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