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DC Sportsbog: Biggest DC sports stories, athletes and busts of the decade

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Lanky Livingston

You can vote here, but I thought we'd get some discussion going in here.

5 Redskins or former Redskins made the best athletes list:
Sean Taylor (RIP)
Chris Samuels
Chris Cooley
Clinton Portis
Champ Bailey

7 Redskins players and coaches made the biggest bust list:
Adam Archuleta
Brandon Lloyd
2000 Free Agents (Carrier, Deion and Bruce lumped together)
Patrick Ramsey
Jason Taylor
Joe Gibbs II
Steve Spurrier

And 4 Redskins stories made the list:
Sean Taylor dies
Joe Gibbs returns
Redskins 2007 run
Redskins beat Bucs (05 Playoffs)
Biggest sports story was obviously George Mason's final four appearance, but Sean Taylor dying was definitely had the biggest effect on me.

As to bust...I think Joe Gibbs on there is ridiculous. As someone here said, he got blood from a turnip working with thedanny and his merry band of idiots (yeah, that was my comment on the story, lol), and his work here should be considered miracles. Biggest bust has to be Spunky. Not only because of his all-around epic fail as a coach, but he replaced Schotty, who appeared to be turning the ship around in the second half of his first year here.

Best athlete - I gotta go with Sean Taylor. Man that guy was amazing...and I still get a little misty-eyed thinking about what could have been. Man, oh man.
Strange that Gibbs II is on the bust list. Two playoff appearances in four years, playing in the NFC East, is considered a bust? I guess when the (unrealistic) expectations were Super Bowl appearances every year then perhaps you could consider him a bust. :insane:
While Gibbs II was a disappointment, it wasn't a bust in my opinion. And if Brandon Lloyd is up there, then TJ Duckett has to be... They pretty much cost the same thing. And Jason Campbell is also a bigger bust than Patrick Ramsey.
I don't think the Redskins loss to Seattle in 2007 was a 'bust'.

The team was 5-7 and out of the playoff picture with an average team and used Sean Taylor's memory to re-energize itself and beat a series of teams it otherwise would have lost to in order to make the playoffs at 9-7.

That was probably the ONLY time in the past 4 years the team actually stood up and counted for more than the individual salaries and egos that were assembled.

In other words, it was one of the high points not one of the low points :)

Although, I am amused to remember as per the article that Shaun Suisham did in fact miss that 30 yard FG in the fourth quarter with the Redskins leading 14-13 that could have changed the outcome of the contest.

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