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Dan Dierdorf=asshat?


Nov 17, 2010
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I am rewatching the game (its on the nfl network) watching it the first time I never noticed what a raving asshat Dierdorf is. he was literally gleefull when rex fumbled, and so far ive noticed at least 3 times when he was openly cheering for the patsies.

I dont see him as our announcer very often but has he always been this way? is it because he was a cardinal back when they were in our didivusion and we stole Ken harvey? seriously this is brutal announcing.
I don't think he has anything against the Redskins. He's just terrible.
We're into garbage time as far as announce teams go.

It's unbelievable this guy used to be part of the Monday Night Football booth with Al Michaels and Frank Gifford.

Just shows how far the field has progressed since then I suppose.
I don't think he has anything against the Redskins. He's just terrible.

As he has been ever since he went to the booth. I remember as a kid I couldn't stand him. He's no better now that I'm an adult.
Did you notice that I was calling him "Dumb Dierdorf" all of last week when we learned that he would be calling the game? There is a reason why - he lacks a lot of basic intelligence. I've never seen someone who is as inept as Dumb Dierdorf.

Did you enjoy it when he referred to the Redskins as the "Jets" in this game? Or how about "Jeff Haslett"? He should be in the tire re-treading business and not in any management capacity. That is Dumb Dierdorf's calling and he missed it.

Back in the early 90s, he called the Sugar Bowl - a game that had my Virginia Cavaliers facing Tennessee. His stupidity was on prime display that night.

I'm sure many of you have your own stories and observations, but I will cherish the day he is no longer broadcasting - or whatever he thinks he is doing.
Was he as bad as the MNF crew rejoicing over the Cowboys beating us?
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He does not like the Redskins. First, he probably remembers all the times his Cardinals lost to the Redskins. Second, he works for CBS which shows AFC games.
He just sucks... getting names wrong, called the Pats the Jets at one point. A good number of guys don't belong in the booth to be honest, but hey, they played the game so they must be good.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if Dan would just say "Sufferin Succotash" once a broadcast, I wouldn't mind him so much.....
The greatest irony in re Dierdorf when he was a broadcaster was his comments about a team 'not having what it takes to win a championship'.

How does he know? The Cardinals made the playoffs twice in his career and never advanced beyond the divisional round.

Most of the time his teams were a joke and finished in the cellar of the NFC East.

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