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Cut Down Day #1 - Roster down to 80

Lanky Livingston

Via Rick Maese, Shanahan is informing players now of cuts. Many are speculating it was Malcom Kelly's last day on the Redskins' roster. Ben Chappell is another rumored cut.

Once its announced, I'll post the full list of 9 players cut here.

Running List of roster moves to get the Redskins down to 80 players:
1. QB Ben Chappell
2. WR Malcom Kelly
3. LB Eric McBride
4. K Clint Stitser
5. OL Xavier Fulton
6. DE Javaris Jenkins to the IR
7. DB Tyrone Grant
8. DB D Barnes
9. TE Jeremy Torchia
10. OL Corey O'Daniel

EDIT: link updated. Here is the link showing Malcom is all but gone: http://twitter.com/#!/RickMaese/status/108616428747374593
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Praying in the Chappell will not happen this year. He is the first cut.

And the second cut is...Malcolm in the Middle of Nothing Kelly.
No official announcement yet, but those two seem to be very likely candidates. Chappell was a training-camp body, and Kelly got injured once again.
Via Rich Campbell:

Malcolm Kelly said he expects to be waived. He accepted his fate long ago. He'll consider hanging em up to pursue non-football opportunities.
Malcolm in the Middle of Nowhere has tweeted that he will move on from the game of football.

Even he knows.
OL Xavier Fulton, K Stitser, and LB McBride are thanked for their services and let go.
Jenkins formally to IR, so one less player has to be cut.
S Davonte Shannon safe for this round of cuts - with S depth as it is, he could earn a spot with a great performance on Thursday.
The Redskins original #1 pick in 2008: 21st overall. Drafted 24th overall: Chris Johnson.

Back before the NFL and TV blew up, and the web followed on and took it to the next level, we'd only learn about cuts like this the following day, in the tiny type buried somewhere in the "Transactions" section of the WP Sports page. Only the truly geeky would even have heard of the names in the first round of cuts.

Today, we not only know the names, we watch their NFL dreams die in real time on the world wide web.

It's sad. Not only that the individual dreams are dying out there, but that we largely sit by anonymously behind our computer screens and barely register the implication. These guys have been chasing the NFL dream their entire lives. They've come THIS close, leaving behind literally millions of others who never even got this far. And then one day, on the eve of a new season, it's suddenly just.....over.

When a guy like Shanahan or Gibbs says this is the hardest day in their professional lives, they aren't just paying lip service.
Agreed, Om. One of my good buddies out here in Houston was a training camp invitee for the Seahawks, and then blew out his knee. Its hard to lose the dream in any fashion!

Making their names more widely known can only help their post-football lives though - nobody would have ever heard of Xavier Fulton 10 years ago, now a prospective employer in the DC area might say "oh yeah, I remember you. I've got a spot for a former Skin!"
Add DB Tyrone Grant, DB D Barnes, TE Jeremy Torchia & OL Corey O'Daniel to the cut list, and we're down to 80. I believe the final cut-down day is Sunday, September 4th.
I'm glad that the Kelly saga is over. But I wish him the best in whatever else he chooses to do.

Can't say there's anything in this first round of cuts that surprises me. But then when you're only cutting to 80, that's to be expected.
Om, you are absolutely right. It's tough to see this. I was the place kicker on the 1990 USFTL B National Championship team. We had three guys on the team who had at least one season in a pro camp before getting cut. These guys ate, dreamt, slept football and you could see it was tough when they talked about being cut.
Ignorant question - Did the new CBA expand the roster spots, or are they still limited to 53? I'm drawing a mental blank on the final outcome. I've never understood the resistance to taking it up to 60. There are so many more injuries now than there used to be - seems like a no-brainer.
53 is the limit.

The only change is at QB. You can have three QBs on the game day roster and not the 'two and one for emergency' deal of the past.
53 is the limit.

The only change is at QB. You can have three QBs on the game day roster and not the 'two and one for emergency' deal of the past.

I thought the extra QB counted as a 54th somehow?

Or should I say, didn't count toward the 53?
O.K., another ignorant question about the new CBA. Was there any change made in the number of "actives" allowed for a game with the new CBA?

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